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What to Consider When Choosing an NFL Betting Site

The NFL is dense with strategy, statistics and tactical pauses, which make it a fertile space for gambling. Plenty of NFL betting sites are more than happy to help you take advantage of that, but just how do you assess which one is right for you?


It's easy to fall into the habit of betting on the same few markets in sports betting, but American football has a diverse range of opportunities to suit different gambling approaches. It pays to know what's available, and what suits your knowledge and skills.

  • Money Line | Also called the game line, this is the American football equivalent of the match winner market.
  • Tournament Winner and Prop Bets | These are headline bets available in big games and on the tournament. They often include big calls like division winners, but also light-hearted bets like how long the national anthem will last at the Super Bowl.
  • Spread | Like handicap bets in other sports, the spread evens the odds by allowing gamblers to bet on a side with a points boost or handicap. A good NFL betting site will offer a range of handicap options at various prices.
  • Totals | For gamblers who track trends in scoring and defence, this market is perfect. It allows you to bet on the total score and, quite often, totals for each team. More sophisticated sites will also take bets on points scored per quarter and per half – both overall and for each side.
  • Player Markets | Those who know about a side's key players or tactics should also seek out player markets. These include the scorer, pass yard and receiving yard markets, which can sometimes be more consistent than the match result.


As well as knowing what to bet on, choosing an NFL betting site is about finding the tools to empower your strategy. This means gaining a clear view of the markets, keeping control of your spending, and knowing you're getting the right odds.

  • Compare Prices | Not all bookies offer the same odds on each outcome – each one prefers clientele that gamble in a certain way. Some, for example, will trump rivals by offering high odds on outsiders, while others will offer consistently good value on favourites. Look out for the site that best fits your approach.
  • Accumulators | Betting on multiple outcomes – for example, several teams winning – is a great way to boost odds. See which NFL betting sites allow you to stack various markets, as some combinations are more lucrative than others. The more creative they allow you to be, the more flexible your strategy can become.
  • In-Play | American football games run for long periods, so being able to respond to in-game developments, whether injuries, points or momentum shifts, is vital.
  • Cashing Out | As well as betting during play, some NFL betting sites allow players to cash out their bets early, enabling shrewd punters to lock in gains or minimise losses.
  • Bonuses, Offers and Loyalty Schemes | Matched deposits, money back specials, bonus odds and reward points are all excellent value-added tools that can make the difference between profit and loss in the long run.

Stats and Streaming

There's a wealth of stats in the NFL, and although you can find many online before a match starts, the best NFL betting sites will display the stats in accessible ways and even track them in-play. Key statistics to look out for in the money line are match histories, head-to-head stats and points per game (scored and conceded).

Yards per game (YPG) are also useful in working out how consistent a team is. Offensive YPG shows how manyyards a team advances against an opponent; defensive shows the distance conceded.

Other stats that can affect a game, and inform bets on the totals and player markets, include interceptions (cutting out passes) and pass success rate. It's all vital ammunition in assessing the likelihood of scoring or conceding. Players who prefer to get a feel for a game, and enjoy in-play betting, should also look out for sites that stream matches live.

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