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It's rare enough to find a video slot with a range of entertaining mini-games, but to find one that also crams in bags of laughs is something special. And that's exactly what the Little Britain slot delivers.


Once a global sensation, comedy series Little Britain is fast disappearing from cultural memory. Thankfully, this excellent, amusing and well structured slot remains to remind us of the hilarity.

The visuals tap into the bright and bold stylings of comedy duo David Walliams and Matt Lucas, who not only lend their characters, but also their faces and voices to the proceedings. Even Tom Baker brings along his dulcet tones and wry narration too.


As the win lines scale past the playing card symbols, players are treated to the cream of the character crop, from Marjorie to Emily and Dafydd - each bringing a cheeky sketch and catchphrase with them when wins land. Players can also find playful hidden features. Try clicking 'Cheat Mode' in the Info tab, for instance. You won't add millions to your pot, but you're guaranteed a chuckle.

These touches add plenty of extra value to the gameplay experience, but the big draw is the bonus features. Alongside standard Wilds and Free Spins, the Little Britain Bonus randomly awards one of five different games, which include occupying chav teen Vicky Pollard long enough to make off with your loot, distracting Andy ("I want that one"), dressing Dafydd, finding Emily's 'lady things' and taking part in one of Marjorie Dawes' legendary fat fighters meetings. Anne may even lob objects at the reels to turn random symbols Wild.

Ridiculous, crazy and completely entertaining, these mini games deliver much more value than your standard slot, and you will really be laughing if you land the maximum win of 1,000 times your stake. What's more, with a payout percentage of 94%, there's not a lot of downside to indulging in some light-hearted game time.

Little Britain Pokie Details

  • Minimum Bet: 0.01
  • Maximum Bet: 300
  • Paylines: 30
  • Minimum Bet Line: 0.01
  • Maximum Bet Line: 10
  • Reels: 5
  • Maximum Coins per Line: 30
  • Autoplay Option: No
  • Multipliers: No
  • Progressive: No
  • Random Jackpot: No
  • Scatters: Yes
  • Wilds Symbol: Yes
  • 3D Graphics: No

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