The Best Casinos in Reno, the Real Home of Gambling


The Best Casinos in Reno, the Real Home of Gambling

Most people who go to Nevada to gamble, head straight to the bright lights of Vegas, but there is actually another option. Reno, branded the ‘The Biggest Little Town in the World’, is home to over 20 superb casinos and was the traditional home of gambling until the mid-20th century when Vegas fully came to the fore. The city's proximity to California also guarantees busy tables of locals and tourists alike. Caesars Entertainment, the biggest casino company in the US, was even born in Reno: this truly is the birthplace of the casino.

Circus Circus

Circus Circus is a casino like no other. This 65,000 sq ft playground has free circus acts performing on a regular basis as customers settle down on the slots and tables that decorate this huge space. The Topsy the Clown statue outside is an attraction in its own right but it is the slots that are the stars here. The casino is home to the infamous Wheel of Fortune slot that has made over 1000 millionaires since being introduced in 1996. Before you visit, try the Wheel of Fortune online slot at Grosvenor Casino and see if lady luck is on your side.

Harrah's Casino

This place never stops with Blackjack and Roulette available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Harrah's prides itself on its array of Baccarat games and the casino has some of the most informative and friendly staff in town. What's more, this is the only casino to have paid out its largest jackpot an incredible three times, so a trip to Harrah's could certainly prove profitable. To polish up those Baccarat skills, head to Ladbrokes Casino today.

Silver Legacy

She may be the newest addition to the Reno Strip but the Silver Legacy can more than hold her own against the elder statesman. The casino has over 80 tables and 2300 slots, but the real attraction here is their huge sportsbook video wall that allows visitors to sandwich sports betting between games of Caribbean Stud Poker. The Legacy is a modern casino for the modern gambler where variety is the name of the game. To make the most of the sports betting options when you get to Reno, see what odds are on offer at Winner Sports today.

John Ascuagas Nugget

The Nugget is one for those visiting Reno wanting to experience casino glamour but with their family. You will find all the regular slots and table games you would expect across the casino's 75,000 square feet, but there is also an extensive collection of video games and simulators to keep both big and little kids entertained. ComeOn Casino also has a wide range of video slots for all to enjoy.

Atlantis Casino

This casino is known for having some of the loosest slots in Reno while the Craps tables here are a constant hive of excitement. However, it is the video poker games that are the star at the Atlantis. Their Exclusive Premier Games and Radical Royals offer the only 50,000 dollar video poker bonus in Reno as well as a wealth of variety for the interactive gambler. To get a taste of video poker, head over to William Hill Live Casino to play with a real-life dealer from the comfort of your home.

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