Cricket Betting Strategy: Test Cricket In-Play Betting

Cricket Betting Strategy: Test Cricket In-Play Betting
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They may lack the explosive action of T20, but Test matches are still great for live cricket betting. Many cricket bettors like to watch a match progress and analyse the duels between bowlers and batters before placing their in-play bets. In this article, you'll find out how to make your knowledge and judgment pay when placing live test cricket bets at the best cricket betting sites.

Live Cricket Session Betting Markets

Test cricket takes place over (up to) five days consisting of three sessions every day. In each of these sessions, bookmakers offer a number of live cricket betting markets.

Wickets markets are always worth a look when it comes to Test cricket betting, especially at the start of an innings before the openers are able to get set.

Arguably the most enticing live cricket session betting market, you can vary your bets depending on the performance of a particular bowler and their side’s strategy. If one bowler is beating the bat regularly, they might soon get an edge through to the wicketkeeper or one of the waiting slips. Or they might suddenly throw in an in-swinger to bring bowled and lbw into play.

Similarly, if a spin bowler has unsettled a batsman at the crease, you should fancy your chances of cashing out an in-play bet. If you’re following a test match in the sub-continent, where spin bowlers wreak havoc, learning how to effectively play session betting involves monitoring the batter and bowler’s body language.

Method of First/Next Dismissal is a useful market here and comes in two flavours: six ways - caught, bowled, lbw, run out, stumped, or other; or caught v not caught. Obviously, stumpings are more likely with the spinners on, with run-outs a rarity in Test cricket.

There is First/Next Batter Out , which can be useful if one batter looks to be struggling more than the other, as can Over/Under Batter Runs markets.

Wicket in Next Over is also a market worth exploring. If, for instance, a bowler is beating the bat with regularity and you think that they will soon make the breakthrough, you will need to place a bet on ‘Yes’ after their current over is completed. The over in question will usually be quoted in this market.

The best bookmakers should have a display of the score and what over the match is currently in (or indeed a live feed of the action subject to time delay). Similarly, if you think a wicket will fall very soon, the Score at Next Wicket market - an over/under market - also warrants investigation.

As the match is progressing, other in-play cricket betting markets can become more attractive. As well as over/under for a batter’s runs, you can also bet on them making a 50 or a 100.

In-Play Cricket Betting Strategy

Prices will almost certainly shift after the coin toss, team announcements and pitch reports as bettors make their early calls. Then attention turns to the action on the strip of closely-cut grass and bettors must take the pitch and weather conditions into account.

Overcast overhead conditions are likely to be conducive to swing, with the openers trying to see off the new ball. Runs will almost certainly be at a premium here, although some batters might opt to counter-attack knowing that fielders are in catching rather than run-saving positions.

The cricket betting strategy a bettor adopts all comes down to how the match is unfolding. One of the joys of Test cricket is the sheer number of possibilities at any one time, unlike limited overs cricket where the priority is to score runs quickly (or conversely restrict scoring).

Bowling changes, field placements, and a batter’s propensity to attack could be seen as the ‘micro’ side of it, but there is also the ‘macro’ element of the scoreboard, match situation and series score. If a side is up in the series with one match to play, they are more likely to play for a draw than go aggressively for the win. Similarly, a side which is behind in the series will target the win, leading to a more attacking mindset.

As well as in-play runs and wickets markets, there are also match betting markets: Team A to win, Team B to win and the draw; Draw No Bet (a draw results in money back); or Double Chance, where you can have any two of the possible three results.

You can also bet over/under the innings total, with some bookmakers and betting apps offering markets on the top run-scorer in the current innings.

How to Follow Test Matches for Live Cricket Betting

How can you, the bettor, judge how the match is unfolding? The best way is to watch the action live. Some bookmakers will stream the match live for their customers while others offer in-running commentary (as do sites like ESPN Cricinfo).

Statistics can prove useful too. For instance, certain batters are better at converting 50s into 100s, while others may be susceptible to getting out just after making a hundred. All of these nuggets of information can be used to assist your betting strategy.

One thing worth mentioning is that the cricket trader will have access to all this information as well as the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ (i.e. all the bettors placing money on the match). They will be keeping a close eye on the match situation and, almost certainly, will have extensive experience of live cricket betting in-play.

As is so often the case in betting, you are relying on having more knowledge or a better understanding of the game than the bookmakers. For this reason it may be worth having a number of accounts as prices may vary depending on who makes the odds.

Much comes down to your attitude to gambling - are you an instinctive bettor with a handle on what’s unfolding before your eyes, or one who pores over form and statistics before putting your money down? Whichever you are, Test match live cricket betting will offer you a wide range of punting opportunities.

In-Play Betting on The Ashes

Ashes betting is naturally hugely popular with punters as the biennial series between England and Australia is still one of the most-watched matches in world cricket. Plenty of betting sites offer special odds boosts and free bets on the series and some of these can be used for live cricket betting.

The sides battle it out over five matches every two years for the famous Ashes urn - but the result is often decided before the series has concluded, especially when it is played on Australian soil.

This is again the case in 2021-22 , with hosts Australia wrapping the series up early by winning all of the first three matches. There are two matches still to be played but finding value will be tough as Australia are virtually unbackable in the match betting market, while the series winner market has already been settled.

The good news is that in-play Ashes betting still presents opportunities. Use the tips we've outlined above to add a little excitement to the final two matches of the series with some live cricket betting.

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