Royal Ascot Queen’s Hat Betting – What Colour Will It Be?

Royal Ascot Queen’s Hat Betting – What Colour Will It Be?
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Quick Tips:

Royal Ascot 2021 is almost upon us. If you are one of the lucky 12,000 racegoers that are allowed to attend this year you will have your top hat and tails ordered, you will also have an eye on the weather forecast in case you need an umbrella, but more pertinently to see if that horse you suspect has been plotted up for a handicap has his ground.

With everything prepared there’s only one thing left for speculation. What will be the colour of the Queen’s hat on opening day at the Royal meeting?

We tend to forget Her Majesty is the ambassador of the Royal Meeting – the clue is in the name – and the time-honoured spectacle of the royal procession heading up the straight mile sends fashionistas and royalists into a frenzy.

A huge televisual audience and thousands of the on-course racegoers strive to get a first glimpse of the Royal Family with Her Majesty’s hat of particular interest.

All This Just for a Hat?

Royal observers and fashion experts debate her outfit colour on ITV with their footage broadcast around the world. Images will also be in all the mainstream national newspapers the following day and lifestyle magazines at the end of the week.

In short, everything from weather to social themes and coordination with other members of the Royal Family is picked through by fashion experts. Photographers will have their pictures online within minutes and social media will be awash with people’s opinions of how everyone in the Royal carriages looked.

How Long Has the Queen Been Attending Royal Ascot?

Decades! With the exception of 2020 the Queen has attended every day of the meeting for the past 64 years, with the last time she missed a moment of the event being her own coronation in 1953.

In 2017 there were fears that she might miss the second day of the meeting due to her duties at the state opening of Parliament. It was a close call but her entourage made the journey from Westminster to the Berkshire racecourse with minutes to spare.

What Goes into an Outfit Choice for the Queen?

It’s no surprise that the Queen stands out in a crowd, but she does enjoy making a bold splash. She once said that if “she wore beige, nobody would know who I am”, so it’s no surprise that in recent years she has made some bold choices that do respond very well to bright sunlight.

With horse racing being her favourite sport, she likes it being portrayed in a positive light.

Her Majesty has a wardrobe department of 12 people with Angela Kelly being her personal curator and designer of her clothing. A close confidant and friend of the Queen, if anyone has insider knowledge into the colour of the queen’s hat ahead of time, it’s her.

Likewise, Rachel Trevor-Morgan, who is the Queen’s favourite milliner (hat maker), should have inside information – but from a punter’s perspective it’s all about narrowing down the possibilities.

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Is There a Form Guide to This?

One thing is very clear from some deep trawling of the world wide web – Her Majesty loves yellow. She wore it on the opening day in 2016, and also wore it in 2018.

The year before she wore green, perhaps as a nod to the commemoration of the Grenfell tragedy when there was a minute’s silence before racing began.

A notable trend is that there are plenty of repeat colours. Her Majesty wore the same-coloured outfit in 2014 as she did in 2017, and in 2016 as she did in 2018.

There can sometimes be a left-field answer here too – there are many different colours available to her Majesty and that can often mix things up here when it comes to the exact payout. Peach and orange, yellow and gold, grey and silver are easily confused.

Queen's Hat Colour at Royal Ascot History

  • 2019 - Blue
  • 2018 - Yellow
  • 2017 – Green
  • 2016 – Yellow
  • 2015 - Pink
  • 2014 – Green
  • 2013 – Peach

Queen's Hat Colour Trends?

In all of the above years her hat has matched her overall outfit colour. She has not worn the same colour back-to-back for a few years, but certain colours do also recur with regular effect.

Is this just for the Opening Day?

No – there’s a market for each of the five days, and things can get very confusing. In 2015 Her Majesty came to Ladies’ Day in pistachio outfit, which meant that bookmakers ended up paying on multiple fronts – Bet365 declared both green and blue – two well-backed options – as winners, while Hills paid out on white, blue, green and turquoise.

Queen's Hat Betting Key Tips

It is rare that Her Majesty will wear the same outfit colour (and the same hat colour) for consecutive days at Royal Ascot. In the aftermath of the passing of her husband, Prince Philip, it has been noticeable she has leaned towards darker colours with purple and burgundy (red) being popular with her.

It may be a form-pointer and with her rarely wearing red at Ascot, our pin lands on mauve or purple for the opening race of Royal Ascot 2021.

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