Women's Football Betting Strategy

Women's Football Betting Strategy
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Women’s football has never been so popular. There are an increasing number of professional domestic leagues being created all over the world, while major tournaments are now played to a very high standard and the women’s game has certainly created a mass of interest from a football betting point-of-view.

There are clear similarities between women’s football and men’s football, although it also helps to spot subtle differences when it comes to placing a bet. The women’s game is in a very good place, although the sport is still in a formative period and that means that approaching matches from a betting point-of-view require a different set of considerations.

In this article, we look at the best strategy when it comes to women’s football betting and how to approach the latest markets and odds. It pays to treat this as a different sport to the men’s game in order to stand a greater chance of making a profit.

How to Bet on Women’s Football

You will generally find the same type of match markets for women’s football as you would do for the men’s game. Ultimately, each game lasts 90 minutes, the number of players are the same and the same rules also apply. However, it should be noted that women’s professional football is still some way behind the men’s game in terms of standard.

Therefore, you often see the ball in transition a lot more during a game and it’s certainly worth looking at teams who are more capable of keeping possession. If you can identify the side who are most likely to control the game, then that can unlock the answer to finding the right bet to place.

You can bet on the 1x2 market if you have a strong idea regarding the winner of a match, while a potentially high-scoring match could lead you to back Both Teams to Score, Over 2.5 Goals or even Over 3.5 Goals. Don’t be afraid to back your judgement, even if the odds seem too good to be true.

The big problem for bookmakers is that there often isn’t as much data on women’s football as you find in the men’s game. Punters can use this to their advantage by mining information and quotes from managers to understand what type of game to expect when the two teams enter the field of play.

Backing Favourites in Women’s Football

When it comes to domestic leagues and particularly major tournaments, there are clearly mismatches that occur, especially during a group stage of a World Cup or a European Championship.

This is hardly a surprise considering that some countries have made great strides when it comes to the women’s game. Countries such as England, France, USA, Germany and Japan are among the leading nations, with their respective national FAs investing money and resources to elevate their sides’ technical level.

Those countries generally have a competitive domestic league too and that puts them at an advantage against some of the lesser teams who participate in a tournament. Therefore, it can often be advantageous to side with a favourite either on the win market, Asian Handicap market or even from an accumulator point-of-view.

Total Goals Market

Betting on the Total Goals market is a great alternative betting market when you don’t have a strong hunch regarding which team might win the game. It means that you can instead cheer on lots of goals being scored or alternatively for the game to be tight and the net not to bulge very often!

In the men’s game, you might find that the standard Over / Under Goals line is 2.5. If you bet “Over”, then you want three or more goals to be scored. If you bet “Under”, then you want two goals or less to be scored.

However, the Total Goals Line does tend to differ for women’s football. It’s more common for games to be high-scoring, especially in major tournaments, with the line often being 3.5 Goals or even 4.5 Goals.

Some bookmakers will already offer Alternative Total Goals which means you can choose the line to bet on. Some of the women’s football matches are very high-scoring and it’s not uncommon for seven or more goals to be scored, especially if the match is one-sided.

In-Play Focus

When it comes to women’s football betting, we’re great believers in betting In-Play as it can be massively beneficial to watch a game before deciding which way to place your bets.

Literally within minutes of watching a women’s football match, you can establish how each team are likely to set up and their tactics for the game. It could be that one team are looking to play on the counter or profit from set pieces and that could lead to a compact shape on the field.

In-Play betting markets tend to be numerous when it comes to football matches played in the prominent competitions and there is often the opportunity to Cash Out with selected markets too.

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