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Horse racing has long been one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world, competing along-side major markets like football betting. There are various betting markets available when it comes to horse racing. The unpredictable nature of the sport means that punters are continuously kept guessing – and betting on – what is going to happen next.

In order to find consistent success in a market as competitive as horse racing, players must be fully aware and take advantage of the most popular horse racing betting markets and the strategies that go hand and hand with those markets. Mastering a market like the each way bet can help solidify a consistent bankroll.

Players need to also always be aware of what factors actually effect the chances of picking the winning horse. Once you have a clear list of all these factors, put them into priority order. Choosing your own 'make-or-break' details will help you make quick calls, and filter out less important factors for certain races. Make sure to evolve your list over time, based on how successful your system becomes.

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Most Popular Horse Racing Betting Markets

  1. Each-Way Bet

    This sounds very complicated, though in reality it could not be simpler. An each-way bet is where you wish to back on a horse to finish within the places: if your horse comes first, you win the same as a normal win bet, but equally if you come second you also make a profit, though not as much as if the horse had won. This is a very popular method of betting, because it means punters can still collect off horses at bigger prices, even if the horses themselves are not good enough to put their head in front at the winning post.

  2. Bet Without

    A relatively new market is the ‘bet without’, where gamblers can back a horse to win as if the favourite was not involved in the race. For example, Hurricane Fly was favourite for the Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham in 2012, but his price was too short to reap much dividend for punters. As such, most bookmakers offered the market as if Hurricane Fly was not in the race, making the second horse in the betting, Binocular, the ‘fake’ favourite. This gave punters the opportunity to bet on a different horse at better odds, according to the horse racing strategy they felt best to go on.

  3. Accumulator Bet

    Elsewhere, the accumulator bet is popular, and so is the double, the treble, the goliath and the super-heinz – all bets that involve backing a number of horses, so returns are likely to be high if you pick astutely or get lucky. Websites offer all these types of bets, plus plenty of horse racing tips to help you along the way. Betting on horse racing can be one of the most exciting wagers in sport - it’s an easy game when you know how.

  4. Forecast Bet

    The standard wager is, of course, betting on a horse to win but an alternative option is the forecast: picking the first three or four horses to cross the line and the order in which they come. Similarly, you can have a go at the reverse forecast, which entails guessing the first few to cross the line, though without having to predict their order.

  5. Reverse Forecast Bet

    When placing the reverse forecast, you must be prepared to double your stake given that the outcome is more likely. The stake of the reverse forecast is similar to that of an each-way bet: you must double it because you’re betting on a horse to come in the first two, three or four, depending on the amount of runners in a race.

Key Factors When Horse Racing Betting

  1. Form

    Studying the form of a horse is a handy starting point for any punter. However, horse racing results can also be influenced by other factors on the day. Look for how previous victories correlate with the variables of the forthcoming race. This is crucial in determining whether a horse is likely to improve, weaken or replicate prior performances.

  2. Distance

    A horse that’s run long distances and been dropped to a shorter course might not have the pace required, whilst a horse that bursts out of the gates may not have the stamina for the long chase. Taking account of the distance a horse will have to travel in comparison to its previous victories may make all the difference when hedging your bets.

  3. Ground (the 'going')

    Some horses prefer the ground after rain (soft), others prefer it dry (good). Correlate the conditions with previous results to find out whether your horse will perform well on the day. Breeding, size, weight and gait can also be an indication of a horse's preference. It's sometimes said that horses that raise their legs high when running prefer the soft, while those that run low prefer it firm.

  4. Trainer

    Trainers all have strategies, which are evident from their past successes. For example, Richard Hannon specialises in two-year-olds and has a good record for racing young horses. Others train for specific races. Know who to back, or whose presence might pose a threat to a horse you fancy.

  5. Jockey

    Jockeys, like trainers, often specialise in certain distances and styles of race. Tracking a successful jockey, and spotting when a trainer brings a big name jockey on board to push for a large win, can be a powerful betting tool. In some races, experience makes all the difference, as the once retired jockey Leighton Aspell proved when he rode Pineau De Re to victory in the 2014 Grand National.

  6. Draw

    In short races, it makes a big difference where the horse is drawn, as those on the outside will have to run slightly further. On long courses, this distance can be made up, but in sprints you'll find some horses are written off based on their track position. For example, no horse drawn higher than six has ever won the Breeders' Cup at Santa Anita. In the UK, Chester, Beverley and Goodwood are courses where the draw can really affect the final outcome of the race.

  7. Weight

    The weight of a horse is a hotly debated issue, and tipsters are divided on how much they think it truly affects a performance. Handicapping can indicate a horse that's performing well, but how far the saddle, jockey and handicap cumulatively affect a horse is not always clear.

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