Football Betting Strategy: Betting English Premier League vs Less Popular Leagues


Football Betting Strategy: Betting English Premier League vs Less Popular Leagues

The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the most widely bet-upon leagues from any sport in the world. The level of analysis, television coverage and general media attention means that every weekend during the season there is a global flurry of activity as punters pit their wits against the bookmakers.

However, it’s important to remember that other leagues can produce equally engaging football betting opportunities. The likes of Paddy Power Sports and Ladbrokes Sports offer markets on everything from the lower leagues in England to international domestic leagues that have their own peculiarities and intrigue. Here is a list of leagues that should convince you that there’s more than just EPL betting out there.

English Lower Leagues

The Championship is a hotbed of superb domestic talent and throws up fantastic games every week. If you’re an EPL purist then you should be keeping an eye on the division below anyway to see who might be joining the elite ranks next year. Bookmakers provide detailed markets on the Championship – as well as League 1, League 2 and even the Blue Square Conference. Although markets will be slightly more limited than EPL betting, you can still place a wager on options such as correct half-time/full-time score and who will score first. There are also plenty of stats and figures available from most bookmakers, so you should be able to do all the research you need to make an informed wager.

European Premier Leagues

As evidenced every year by the Champions League, European football is full of impressive teams and individuals. The top leagues in countries such as Germany, Italy, France and Spain provide plenty of football betting markets. People are often less inclined to bet on these leagues because they are usually dominated by one or two clubs – the EPL is generally more open and unpredictable. However, if you look past the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Lyon – who are almost always around evens to win – you’ll find a number of close contests between less-celebrated sides.

Online bookmakers pride themselves on offering leagues such as these, providing as much information and markets on these games as you’ll find in EPL betting.

Rest of the World

Football being a global sport, individual and collective stars can be found around the world. Football betting on Far Eastern markets such as Japan’s J League and China’s Jia League are highly popular, while South American offerings such as Argentina’s Primera Division and Brazil’s Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A often produce fine games and interesting betting propositions.

The English Premier League may be considered to be the most exciting league in the world, yet it’s important to remember that bookmakers offer lines on just about everything when it comes to football betting. What’s more, betting exchanges like Betfair Sports often offer an even greater array of markets on both prominent and obscure games from around the world.

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