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Don't tell any major online bingo site there is no variety in their industry as most of the topnotch bingo offerings feature a wealth of bingo variations as well as movie-themed video slots and other fun games. But here, we are simply discussing the most popular variations of the game of bingo including the most popular variants in your country.

75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is one of the two most popular versions of bingo. This version tends to be a favourite in the States and in Canada. No one can truly call themselves an established online bingo hall without it. The game is played on a 5x5 card. The center space is marked free.

All numbers between 1 and 75 are called out during the game until a winning pattern emerges. This version of bingo has several diverse patterns. The most popular patterns are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, diamond, or coverall. Patterns that make the shape of letters like E or F are also winning patterns.

This type of bingo is played most often because of its popularity and speed of the game. Patterns are constantly changing, which keeps the game exciting. 75 Ball Bingo is definitely dominating all major online bingo rooms around the world, including right here in the UK.

80 Ball Bingo

The latest and greatest in the online bingo hall is 80 Ball Bingo. This version was developed straight from the online bingo hall, not like its close neighbors 75 and 90 Ball, which were developed in traditional bingo halls. The difference is all in the design of the card.

Also referred to as a shutter card, the 80 Ball Bingo card is designed on a 4x4 grid. The columns are different colors, red, yellow, blue, and silver.

The game is played with similar winning patterns to 75 Ball. However, due to the card’s unique design there are new patterns available; for instance, diagonal bingo or corner bingo are now pattern options. The unique patterns, card differences, and increased numbers give players a more enjoyable experience and better odds than 75 Ball Bingo.

90 Ball Bingo

Since 75 Ball Bingo has the North American region covered, 90 Ball Bingo has taken over the European online bingo market. 90 Ball, which is also popular in Australia, offers three different ways to win during each game.

This version reverts back to the original 75 Ball card, 5x5. Each strip, normally bought 6 at a time, contains numbers 1 through 90. The numbers are only repeated once, which gives players a chance to stamp their card each time a number is called.

Because the cards are so abundant, they are normally sold for a decreased cost, allowing bingo fanatics to play for just pennies. In a single game players can win on a single horizontal line, two lines, or a full house. Each occurrence of these during the game is a winner.

The prizes differ for each line and are split if there is more than one winner. The full house receives the biggest prize.

Social Bingo

The game of bingo is all about community. There is nothing more rewarding than heading to the bingo hall to meet and greet the newbies and figure out how to beat the lucky charms of the veterans.

It’s not different online. The world's leading online bingo software platforms have developed Chat Rooms within the bingo halls to allow players to interact.

Each site has four or more rooms, each with their own culture. The Chats are another way for players to win additional prizes. The moderator (Chat Moderator or Chat Master) will have trivia games and prizes for all in attendance.

Chat Rooms help pass the time between games and when you are waiting for numbers to be called. The constant communication gives players the land based feel from the comfort of their own home.

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