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Keno, also known as Chinese Lottery, is a popular game created in China. It's one of the oldest casino games and was originally played with 80 Chinese characters, which were later replaced by 80 Arabic numerals.

Keno has become popular among players because of the simple rules and frequent winnings. That seemingly endless popularity has pushed Keno into the world of online gambling, resulting in online keno gaining a massive following world wide.

Most major online casinos offer some form of online keno play with many integrating unique variants of the classic game. Despite its age, keno has stayed relevant throughout time, even emerging as a topnotch offering on the web.

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Keno is a game of chance, similar to both bingo and lottery. The objective of Keno is to guess which numbers, between 1 and 80 (this high number changes depending on the version you play), will be randomly selected.

The secret of its popularity is that its a fast paced game, and players usually get the outcome of the draw a few seconds after placing their bet. It can often be played in normal or 'turbo' mode.

In the game, players can typically select anywhere from 2-10 numbers in the hopes that those numbers will be amongst the 20 numbers extracted out of 80 numbers.


To begin playing Keno, a player must select the stake amount. Once the bet is selected, players can choose their numbers. Usually numbers can be selected just by clicking on the keno board or by selecting all randomly.

To change a number click it again to unselect it. Players can also select how many consecutive games they would like to play with those numbers:

Once you’ve clicked on one of these buttons, the game begins.

The principle behind winning is simple. The more of your numbers that are drawn out, the more you win. The amount of winnings depends on the total numbers selected by the player, and the total number of matches. If you select ten numbers and they all match, you will be taking home the highest prize.

Since Keno is so straightforward, it is a perfect game for all types of players, and it’s a great entertainment for anyone looking for fun without the stress of complex rules and betting strategies. You just need to be armed with your lucky numbers.

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