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What to Consider When Choosing a Scratch Cards Site

Scratch cards are among the simplest games you can play online, but that doesn't mean choosing a scratch card site is a simple decision. There's a whole host of ways to maximise the fun, suspense and potential rewards: get them right, and these little games can pack a big punch.

Why Play Scratchcards Online?

Imitating online casino games is often a difficult task, and scratchcards don't come with the atmosphere and excitement of their more glamorous casino cousins. Instead, they're often relegated to petrol station counters and supermarket tills.

Online, however, they receive their rightful place in the limelight. Better still, the opportunity to animate and build in games and stories mean they're more bright, bold and fun to play than any piece of paper – and the prizes remain as lucrative as in real life.

How to Support Your Strategy

Whether you want to spend a quick pound on a moment that could change your life, or play the numbers in the hope of a profit, there are certain factors and tools that will make or break your strategy. They are:

  • Return to Player (RTP) Percentages | These show the average percentage of wagers that are returned to players, giving a hint as to your chances of winning. You can usually find the RTP on the game builder's official website, or sometimes, as at Ladbrokes, in each game's information page.
  • Reveal/Scratch All | A tool on the game panel of some slots, this reveals every panel in the game. It's handy for players who race through several games in quick succession.
  • Autoplay | Another in-game tool, this allows players to predetermine the number of scratchcards to play through. It's great for limiting plays and ensuring you stick to a strategy.
  • Mobile Casinos | Most scratchcard sites will have a mobile casino, but not all games will transfer across. If you like playing on the move, be sure to check your favourite games are available.

Exploring Game Variations

Although most scratchcards will follow the basic format of placing a wager and revealing symbols in the hope of matching two or more for a win, some elements do change:

  • Gameplay | Mini games are a common twist on the classic approach. Some, like Blackjack scratchcards, follow the rules of their original game – in this case, beating the dealer's hand to win.
  • Variance | All scratchcard games are based on predetermined odds. Some have huge prizes and rare wins, others have lower prizes and frequent winners: this is called the variance. Look at the payout tables for a good idea of whether you're playing for a reasonable chance of a small profit or a slim chance of a life-changing sum.
  • Jackpots | If you're on the hunt for a big win, check what the star prize can rise to. There can be dramatic differences between games.
  • Bonus Prizes | Some scratchcards offer free games or other prizes, and when you're playing for fun, a nice surprise is always welcome.

Bonuses and Rewards

Each scratchcard site will offer different deals to entice players to join, and to regulars to stay loyal. Look out for:

  • Sign-Up Bonuses | Awarded when you join, these sometimes match your deposit (eg 100% up to £50) or simply award a bonus amount to your casino balance. These usually have to be played through a set number of times before you can make a withdrawal.
  • Deposit Bonuses | These are just like sign-up bonuses, but are offered to current customers.
  • Special Offers | Tournaments, free plays and other bonuses are made available by various online casinos.
  • Loyalty Schemes | Useful for regular players, these award points for every pound deposited/wagered in the casino, with rewards like free plays, prizes and cash up for grabs.

Exciting Alternatives

A good scratchcard site will most likely have other offerings to keep you entertained, and if you like the quick, simple excitement of scratchcard games you may also enjoy online bingo.

You'll be given an electronic bingo card, and numbers will be called throughout the game. Fill a line, or the entire card, and you'll win a prize. Many online bingo sites also have chat functions, so you can enjoy the experience with other users too.

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