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What to Consider When Choosing a Live Roulette Site

Gone are the days when live roulette was a luxury extra for an online casino. Now users can choose between a range of dealers, tables, rules and ways to play and interact: all with the buzz of a real casino atmosphere. The only thing left to do is to pick the right live roulette site for you.

Why Play Live Roulette Online?

The old conundrum was whether to glam up and go out to get the buzz and excitement of a real casino environment, or stay in with online roulette, and hone your strategy with a wide range of rapid-fire games.

Since the advent of live roulette, the gap between the two has closed. These tables stream live video of real croupiers taking bets, spinning the wheel, settling up, and even chatting with active users, making the experience more exciting. Better still, as demand rises, more roulette rules and variations are going live, and the range of options to refine your game are exceptional.

Exploring Game Variations

  • American vs European | The main difference between these is the extra double zero on the American table, which significantly raises the house edge. Sometimes single zero roulette is on offer, which is just another way of saying European roulette.
  • French Roulette | This has a slightly different table layout and, if you're lucky, the en prison rule, which returns 50% of any even money bet when a zero lands. This is incredibly useful and cuts the house edge to 1.35%. You also have the option of a variety of "announce" bets, which place bets on different mixes of numbers.
  • Special Bets | An optional function on some roulette tables, this brings the French roulette "announce" bets to the more common American and European formats.

How to Support Your Strategy

While the stream quite rightly dominates players' attention in a live roulette game, the console should not be neglected. There are plenty of options that help you get your strategy right, keep control of your betting and free up your attention for the dealer and chat windows.

  • Flash vs Download | If you have a good Internet connection, the difference is minimal. If not, the extra stability and speed of a downloadable casino client may be worth trying.
  • Betting Limits | Every table will have limits, and the best casinos will have a range of tables to suit everyone.
  • Autoplay/Rebet | If you've got a simple strategy, having an autoplay, which lets you play the same bet for a fixed number of spins, or rebet, which lets users replay their last bet, saves lots of time.
  • History and Stats | These show every spin in the table's recent history, a useful tool if you're looking for number distributions, or believe in "hot" or "cold" streaks.
  • Timer/Clock | Usually in the corner of the screen, these don't just help you keep track of time, they're vital for calculating your winnings (or losses) per hour.
  • Help | A quick link to FAQs and help desks is useful if you don't want to leave your table to find a quick piece of information.


Live roulette tables are now so refined that you can tailor your night just how you want it. Each casino's live roulette environment will vary, and many casinos have multiple environments on offer, so it's worth trialing the various dealers and decors at different tables.

Perhaps more important, though, is the social aspect. Check out the chat functions with each live roulette site to get a sense of the crowd that plays there, and how the dealer engages. After all, live casinos are all about a fun, friendly and competitive experience.

Exciting Alternatives

If you enjoy live roulette, you'll want to try live sic bo. Available at some of the top casinos, sic bo is a Chinese dice game that blends the quick-fire options of a roulette table with the bustle of dice games like craps.

Each game involves the roll of three dice, with players capable of betting on totals, individual number appearance, number appearances across one, two or all three dice, and many more besides.

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