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Launched at the turn of the century, Comtrade Group, the company behind Comtrade Gaming, has been providing international IT solutions and services for some of the world's top brands for well over a decade. Comtrade Gaming, a subsidiary of the Comtrade Group, is an independent gaming software solutions provider. They provide both online and land based gaming companies with open gaming platforms and professional services.

Comtrade employs over 1000 software developers to assist in their mission of providing topnotch gaming solutions and services, an unprecedented number that clearly reveals Comtrade's dedication to ensuring they provide high quality service to all their clients. The Slovenia-based supplier is truly a full service provider offering all services needed to succeed in the competitive world of gambling.

Major Products

In terms of specific products, Comtrade Gaming's signature product has to be their video poker offerings. Comtrade's stellar games studio has produced high-end casino games and video poker games for some of the world's most elite brands. The most familiar of these products are Jack or Better Video Poker and Aces and Faces Video Poker to name a couple. Otherwise, Comtrade has provided variants of baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.

To keep up with growing technology of the industry, Comtrade has heavily invested in HTML5 mobile games. These alternatives to traditional native app games allow for Comtrade to provide their excellent games across all mobile devices. Uniquely, Comtrade's HTML5 games feature demo modes for players not ready to commit hard cash.

Types of Products Offered

As mentioned, Comtrade dabbles in a myriad of products in the gambling industry, both online and land-based. From casino, live-dealer, and mobile games to platform solutions to general gambling services, it seems Comtrade is 'jack of a trades' so to speak. The most prominent of these solutions offered by Comtrade has to be their platform offering, iCore. Comtrade supplies iCore platforms for some of the world's largest brands providing a simplified operation for all clients.

Comtrade Gaming also specializes in Gaming Systems Management for land-based casinos. The platform known as sCore connects terminals from all leading slot developers to a central server, allowing terminals to be monitored and configured in real time. The sCore platform also offers a Server Based Gaming system that connects all slot machines and vlts to one central server.

Another product offered by the software supplier is their Responsible Gaming Solution. This technology is committed to enabling high level protection from problem gambling of all players.

Types of Services Offered

The platform and content solutions get all the attention but Comtrade is much more than just their solutions, their services are worth noting as well.

Comtrade's gCore technology is designed to develop custom games for its client. Comtrade's Game Testing division concentrates of gambling software testing with a specific concentration on assisting in the site launching process. Comtrade claims this division is geared toward both software quality assurance and player perspective testing.

Comtrade also offers content distribution services. Increasing market reach is crucial in a competitive industry like gambling and Comtrade provides stellar marketing services backed by years of experience and expert research. As with most topnotch brands in any service industry, Comtrade also provides world-class support 24/7 for all its clients to enjoy.

Key Features and Design

Comtrade is so much more than just your typical software supplier. Comtrade Gaming provides world-class product platforms for a wealth of online industries, topnotch services aimed at improving their already excellent offerings and continue to provide endless support for all their clients' needs.

The list of clients partnered with Comtrade include not only industry-leading gambling brands, but also include topnotch suppliers who partner and use the services of this competing supplier. These other suppliers include the famed virtual sports provider, Inspired Gaming but also industry giants NetEntertainment and Microgaming.

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