Top 3 Easiest Scratch Card Games to Win


Top 3 Easiest Scratch Card Games to Win

Comprised of hidden symbols and prizes of varying amounts, online scratch cards are an easy way to play and win. Why? Because each and every scratch game has one single process: scratch and win. Great, so now you know the reasons these games are popular, but what are the best games to play?

In the past has outlined some of the "most fun online scratch card games" so you can get a handle on the top options in the industry. However, when the fun is done, the question most players will want answering is: which are the easiest scratch cards to win on?

Naturally, the term "easiest" is somewhat subjective. In the following list you'll find three games that are not only hugely entertaining and potentially profitable, but simple to play and beat.

  1. Coral Casino | Merlin's Millions Scratch

    With a potential jackpot of £200,000, Merlin's Millions Scratch boasts one of the largest prizes in the genre. Like its slot counterpart, the game is a mixture of owls, spell books, orbs and, of course, Merlin himself. The object of the game is simple: match three symbols to win.

    To play Merlin's Millions Scratch, first navigate to the top casino partner page and scroll down to Coral Casino. After clicking through the secure link, create your first account, make a deposit and then navigate to the games lobby!

    Once you've loaded up the game, bets ranges from £0.20 to £200 per turn. In order to win the top prize of £200,000, you'll have to bet the maximum. However, if that's too much, then you can still win 1,000X your stake by betting any amount above the £0.20 minimum.

    The main reason Merlin's Millions Scratch at Coral Casino is an easy game to win on is its RTP. Known technically at "return to player", this figure essentially tells you how often, on average, you'll bank a win. In this instance, Merlin's Millions has a high RTP of 95.17%. Now this doesn't mean you'll always achieve that figure, but what it does mean is that over the long run you'll win more than 95% of the time.

  2. Gala Casino | Deal or No Deal Scratch

    In contrast to the traditional 3X3 format online scratch card games usually offer, Deal or No Deal is a little different and a quick visit to Gala Casino to check it out will show you just that. With 22 boxes on display (much like the TV show), this game is a lot more involved than its peers. At the start of the game the player selects their stake (from £0.20) and then chooses a "lucky box".

    After selecting their box, the player scratches random panels in an attempt to match one of the cash prizes on offer. For example, to win the £25,000 prize, you'd need to find five "£25,000" symbols among the 22 boxes. After scratching 14 panels, the game will ask you if you want to swap your lucky box for a new one. If you reject the offer, you'll continue scratching until your box and just one other remains.

    At this point, you can choose to swap your lucky box or continue before the content of the box is revealed. If you choose to accept the swap, you will move away from the main game into a bonus round. Here you'll have to scratch three boxes in the hope of matching one of the hidden amounts to the prizes on display. Aside from being one of the most entertaining scratch cards, Deal or No Deal is easy to win because you have two things: options and control.

    Instead of scratching nine panels and hoping for the best, this game allows you to determine your own fate at multiple points. From choosing your lucky box to accepting a shot at the bonus round, Deal or No Deal Scratch essentially provides more ways for you to win. Indeed, any time you have options online, the chances of you making some cash increase. And that's certainly true in this game.

  3. Ladbrokes Casino | Ghosts of Christmas Scratch

    When you're looking for enticing sights and sounds, Ghosts of Christmas Scratch is a great option. Each panel is covered by a random festive item while the old man in his chair (in the centre of the screen) will rock steadily as you try to match three symbols in a row. By following the secure link to Ladbrokes, you'll find Ghosts of Christmas Scratch perched neatly in the games lobby.

    At this point, you can load up the game, bet between £0.10 and £5 and try to match three symbols. For manual play, you'll need to drag your mouse pointer across the screen to reveal a collection of symbols. For autoplay you can select between 1 and 50 rounds before hitting the start button. Wins start from £0.10 and increase in the following way:

    Raw Turkey = 1X your stake

    Picture = 2X your stake

    The Youthful Angel = 4X your stake

    St. Paul = 10X your stake

    The Grim Reaper = 15X your stake

    The Ghostly Figure = 50X your stake

    The Old Man = 1,000X your stake

    Why is this game easy to win on? Simplicity. In a nutshell, Ghosts of Christmas is one of the original online scratch games and, despite its relative age, it's still one of the best. The 3X3 format keeps the interface and the playing process simple. Indeed, while Deal or No Deal and the like are great for seasoned players thanks to their multiple levels, this game is perfect for novices.

    The combination of affordable betting stakes, generous prizes and an easy-to-read board make this the perfect introductory game for newbies. One click of the "reveal all" button and the round is complete. If you want a break from spinning slots or beating blackjack, you can switch to Ghosts of Christmas, scratch a few panels and win with ease.

To test out any of our easiest scratch card games, make sure you follow one of our secure casino links, create your first accounts and make a deposit today!

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