Online Gambling in Australia

The popularity of online gambling in Australia has grown exponentially since the industry's emergence over the past decade or so, with around 80% of Australians gambling at least once a year, be it on sport, slots or casino table games.

According to data from The Economist, adults in Australia gamble more per capita than in any other nation in the world. The industry's major growth has pushed many of the world's top online gambling sites to turn their attention to the budding Australian market. This includes with our launch of the Australian-specific

But what makes online gambling in Australia any different from anywhere else in the world? What drives so many Aussies to embrace the thrills of online gambling in the 'Land Down Under'? Take a look at the current shape of gambling in 'The Lucky Country' - as it’s occasionally known by hopeful punters - and see all that online gambling in Australia has to offer!

Is Online Gambling in Australia Legal?

In spite of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (IGA), which prohibits Australian online casino operators from offering 'real money' interactive gambling to Australian residents, it actually remains legal for the country’s citizens to access and use online casino sites. As it’s not, therefore, a criminal offence for individuals to play online poker or casino games, many Australians freely use popular online casinos to fulfill their gambling needs.

Whether such casinos are violating Australian gambling laws by allowing players to access their sites remains a slightly grey area, but no serious attempt has yet been made to prevent Australians from using the services, or to crack down on the operators themselves. Online lotteries and sports betting in the country are both legal provided that they are associated with a land-based business.

However, in-play sports betting is classed as "interactive" gambling, therefore falling under the IGA and making it illegal for Australian online bookmakers to offer it to residents. Nonetheless, Aussie gamblers still make use of in-play betting offered by overseas bookmakers who either ignore or are unaware of the IGA. Thankfully for Aussie punters, money won from gambling is not taxable Down Under.

What are Pokies?

The first, legal, land-based casino in Australia opened in 1973 and, ever since, poker machines - or 'pokies' as Australians like to call them – have been a big draw for gamblers across the country, with the affectionate slang term often extended to describe gambling machines in general. Today's Aussies often refer to slot machines or slots as 'pokies' as well.

Online poker itself has also grown in popularity, and Australia has even hosted a number of major poker tournaments in recent years, including the inaugural 'World Series of Poker' Asia-Pacific event in 2013. It is no surprise, then, that online poker varieties have also become popular (despite the weakly implemented IGA), along with other 'traditional' casino games such as online blackjack and online roulette.

Most Popular Betting Markets in Australia

  1. Cricket
  2. Rugby
  3. Horse Racing
  4. Australian Rules Football
  5. Football
  6. F1

Australians use online providers to legally bet on a variety of sports, with popular choices including horse racing, rugby (the National Rugby League), football (“soccer”) and, of course, cricket. According to a survey by Sweeney Sports, 59% of Australians are interested in cricket, more than any other sport.

There are other big annual betting events, such as the Australian F1 Grand Prix, but another fan favorite is Australian rules football. Few people outside the country know much about it, but Australian rules football, particularly the Australian Football League (AFL), is extremely popular across the nation. In some of the southern states, it even trumps cricket and the Nation Rugby League.

Aussie rules attracts more live spectators each year than any other sport in the country, so it’s no wonder that Australian rules football betting is a popular pastime for many Australians, with online top bookmakers offering Aussie rules betting markets for all the league games and major matches.

The Future of Online Gambling in Australia

A lot of the legislative focus on gambling in Australia is geared towards poker machine or pokie regulation. Politicians have declared anti-gambling legislation a priority, and, in a bid to restrict the use of pokies, ideas have been floated to introduce 'smart cards' which would control the amount a gambler could spend through pre-set loss limits.

As things stand, online casinos have largely managed to escape the attention of the Australian government, primarily because they sit outside the realistic limit of parliament’s purview. And while the government has decided in the past not to legalise online poker and in-play betting - despite widespread expectation that it would - Australian punters can carry on gambling online, happy in the knowledge that they're not affected by the IGA.

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