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Daily fantasy sports are one of the hottest innovations to come to sports gambling in years, quickly taking the world by storm since their introduction in the last five years. By offering customers the opportunity to create fantasy sports teams and compete against others for real cash prizes without having to wait for an entire season to pass, these games have tapped into a lucrative and addicting market niche.

Daily fantasy games for a huge variety of sports can be found, along with different game types within each sport. US and Canadian punters seem to enjoy multiple daily fantasy games like NBA, NFL, and MLB Daily Fantasy while European players heavily lean towards football. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular of these games.

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This game style is the one that will be most familiar to traditional fantasy sports participants. Like the majority of established fantasy games, these contests pit just two competitors against one another. The only real difference lies in the stakes, or more accurately the expediency of them.

Traditional fantasy games see players competing in such one-on-one matchups against various opponents throughout the course of the season, with every result contributing to an overall record that is used to either crown a champion or determine playoff positioning for a (normally) single-elimination tournament to crown a champion.

With head-to-head, one-day fantasy games, however, the only result that matters is the next one. Both players pay their entry fee, and the winner of that day’s contest takes it all (minus a small cut for the host site, of course). No cumulative records, no playoffs, and no more than one opponent.


In these types of games, users compete against two or more other players, with a specific prize pool and payout structure in place. Instead of going head-to-head, winners are determined by overall score compared to other league members.

It is worth noting that across the myriad of daily fantasy options available, these types of games typically consist of smaller entry fields compared to most of the other game modes covered in this article.


These function similarly to leagues, with one very important difference: the payout. While leagues have a pay structure that awards varying denominations to those finishing in certain places, 50/50s - also known as double-ups - reward all that win an equal amount, which is double their entry fee.

In order to win, players must simply finish in the top half of all entries. So if 20 players enter a 50/50 tournament with a £5 entry fee, the top 10 players will all walk away with £10, and the bottom 10 with nothing.

There is no difference in the reward given for finishing first or finishing 10th in that scenario, which is why it is possible for these contests to pay out to half the field, as opposed to most other game styles where a much smaller percentage of players walk away winners. As a result of the lower barrier to profit, 50/50s are frequently among the most popular one-day fantasy games available.


These are a unique type of contest in that they offer users the opportunity to win big while retaining a small entry fee, as long as they are good enough. They do this by awarding entry keys to tournaments that players might otherwise be unable to afford to enter.

While profiting off of these types of tournaments takes impressive skill across multiple competitions, those that truly excel at one-day fantasy sports can create massive profit with very little risk by stringing together a few wins and working their way up the ladder.


These are similar to 50/50 contests in that those that win can walk away with the same amount that is multiple times their entry fee, anywhere from 3x to 10x what it cost to enter the contest. However, where 50/50s reward half the field, multipliers pay out to far fewer competitors. This makes these types of contests far riskier, but also offers incredible value for those that triumph.


Freerolls (most popular in online poker tournaments) are contests that are free to enter and provide no cash winnings to the top performers, but do offer free entry to other games on the site. Much like qualifiers, these can be very lucrative to skilled players. The difference lies in the completely free nature of these events as opposed to qualifiers that require a small entry fee. These freerolls, as one would imagine, attract more competitors due to their risk-free nature.

Having reviewed the many game options, it is still wise to experiment with the different game types to find the one that gives you the best opportunity to succeed based on your skill level and play strategy.

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