Boxing Betting Tips: Best Strategy For Using BoxStat

Boxing Betting Tips: Best Strategy For Using BoxStat

BoxStat is a sports information website dedicated to providing useful statistics and free information about professional boxers, historical fight data and previews for upcoming fights. It was created in 2013 by boxing fan John Williams in an effort to help advance the world of boxing statistics from simple punch stat calculations to more modern and innovative metrics.

This includes statistic-based calculations for punching power, ability to take a punch, past opponents punch resistance and past opponents power as well as other unique approaches to data interpretation previously unseen in the sport of boxing and top boxing betting sites. is an excellent resource for boxing strategy for those hoping to glean useful information about boxers and upcoming fights. It provides an abundance of free information as well as some of the sharpest looking and most useful pre-fight infographics in the sport. While BoxStat has not yet reached the same heights as comparative recordkeeping empires BoxRec and CompuBox, it’s fast becoming one of the premier destinations for boxing data junkies across the globe.

How It Works

BoxStat’s database stores information about fighters and their professional fights. This includes fighter records, fight results and breakdowns of key statistical categories such as the number of total fights and knockout percentages as well as newer concepts such as tracking the total number of fights for all opponents and the average weight of a fighter over the last five fights.

Updates to the database are submitted by volunteer contributors from around the world, and it includes a social component where suggestions are voted on by other site contributors who confirm the validity of the data.

BoxStat provides punch statistics for select fights in their database, and is always seeking new and innovative ways to collect those statistics as well as quantify them through advanced analysis and algorithmic thinking. Rather than trying to count punches in real-time the way industry leader CompuBox does, BoxStat collects punch stats entirely from reviewing fight videos in slow motion after the fight is over.

Moreover, CompuBox founder Bob Canobbio designed the program to simply tracks two types of punches, which essentially boils down to jabs in one category and everything else in another, BoxStat tracks more specific types of punches including jabs, hooks, uppercuts and crosses. This provides a more well rounded perspective that could help markets like on fights to go the distance.

BoxStat’s goal is to provide detailed and up-to-date professional boxing statistics along with records, schedules, and results, and while the site is still growing and advancing its methods and processes, Williams and partner Dan Cartwright are on their way to doing big things in the sport of boxing.

Criticism of BoxStat

BoxStat hasn’t been universally accepted and supported by the boxing community at large. Most fight fans still use BoxRec, one of the sport’s official recordkeepers, and CompuBox, the industry leader for punch stats, as their go-to resources for the different types of information BoxStat provides.

This does not seem to be on its way to changing in the near future, so if BoxStat is to continue to grow as a website into something that becomes full-time work for the creator, it will probably happen over a long period of time and the site will probably continue to grow and change as it moves along in order to solidify its market share.

To its credit, BoxStat has remained as consistent as possible since its early days in the ways it calculates and presents information, but it remains unseen whether it will be able to do so moving forward.

While BoxStat lists descriptions of the methodologies used for some of the newer statistical categories they’ve created, they haven’t yet demonstrated that the numbers they come up with for things like punching power and punch resistance are accurate measurements.

The actual calculations BoxStat uses are not published on the site, and within the methodology descriptions themselves, BoxStat admits some of the values used in calculations are subjective in nature and therefore not purely mathematically based.

How To Use BoxStat

BoxStat’s truest value lies in the way they present information. Their pre-fight stat-based infographics are unparalleled in the sport. Each one provides relevant fight information in a clear and concise manner, and there’s no other consistent provider of content for upcoming fights in the sport.

BoxStat infographics stand alone as the fastest, surest way of gathering relevant data to consider before placing a wager on a fight. BoxStat’s homepage lists major upcoming fights by date. Links to fighter stats and accompanying fight infographics are easily accessible from there, and the site design is sleek, modern and user-friendly.

The company makes fight and fighter information simple to find and access. The data is easy to read, appropriately organized and overall a massive leap forward for those seeking to gain as much knowledge about specific fights as quickly as possible. Whatever boxing stats have looked like in the past, BoxStat is surely providing the next logical step the industry should take moving forward.

More To Consider

There are many important factors to consider before deciding how to place a wager on any of boxing’s top betting markets. Boxing is a unique culture with 17 different weight classes and a myriad of sanctioning bodies and rankings systems.

BoxStat is only one resource among many to consider before playing any of the betting markets, so be sure to read’s comprehensive boxing betting strategy guide to help you make the most out of every opportunity.

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