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A quirky novelty betting market currently being offered by Paddy Power Sports concerns the likelihood of two Giant Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo finally getting it on and making some panda babies.

Staff at the zoo have been doing everything possible to get pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang in the mood, switching their music from Classic FM to Smooth Radio for a daily dose of sensual tunes. They have also been providing the pandas with mood lighting, extra bamboo and special exercises to do. Pandering to the press rather than achieving any real results some might say, but the issue is not black and white, and if you think that Marvin Gaye’s melodies will work their usual magic, Paddy Power Sports currently offers evens that they will conceive naturally. No mating is odds on at the time of writing at 8/11.

In the past, it has proved very difficult to get pandas to mate in captivity - if the pair successfully conceive, the cubs will be the first to be born in captivity in the UK. However, experts are backing these pandas to get down to business this year, with male panda Yang Guang already piling on the pounds, doing hand-stands and urinating on trees...sure signs that he's in the mood, apparently!

Odds are also offered on the number of cubs that there'll be. Giant Pandas in the wild often produce twins, although they are unable to care for the pair so the mother will focus her attention on the stronger of the two. However, single cubs are not that unusual either. Paddy Power Sports is offering odds of 4/9 on Yang Guang and Tian Tian producing twins, while the single cub is priced at 5/4. The outsider is triplets at a rather large 14/1.

Head over to Paddy Power Sports today and get to placing your panda bets now. Markets close on 2nd April 2013.

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