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What to Consider When Choosing a Keno Site

Legend has it that the profits from keno games funded the building of the Great Wall of China. The game has changed a lot since then, with a huge selection of online as well as offline options. This guide will talk you through the games, bets, and how to find the best keno site for your gaming style.

Choose Your Game

Keno is a game of luck that’s often compared to lottery or bingo. All you need to do is bet on a series of numbers, often using a special pointer called a wand, and then see if they come up. It can be fun and social, so when choosing your site, hang out in the chat rooms and play a couple of free games to get the feel for a place.

There are different types of keno ticket, which affect how the game will play out, so consider which ticket will best suit you. The four main types are:

  1. Straight tickets – the standard way to play, where you pick however many numbers you’d like to bet on. You’ll find out the results at the end of one game, so it’s a good option for impatient players who don’t like complications.
  2. Split tickets – if you like to have lots of balls in the air at once, split tickets are the way to go. Essentially, it’s two straight tickets in one, but you can’t use the same numbers more than once across tickets.
  3. Way tickets – for an even more hectic and exciting game, way tickets will let you play over lots of tickets at the same time. They’re also often cheaper to buy.
  4. Combination tickets – allowing you to bet in different ways on the same ticket, this option is great for strategic gamblers.

On many sites, you can also choose between themed keno games, with fun graphics that keep play interesting. Some are even developed by top gaming companies like Playtech or Microgaming, so you know play will be slick and problem-free.

Bonuses and Offers

Often, sites will have special tickets to promote their games, which you play in a different way to the standard four. Keep your eyes peeled for these, as they can offer good payouts.

The best part of playing keno online is that the payouts are generally higher than offline, and in some sites you also have the chance to win rolling jackpots. Shop around for bonuses too, especially if you’re a new player, as sign up bonuses are often the most generous.

Choose Your Bet

Like the types of game, there are plenty of ways to bet when you’re playing keno online. Here are three of the most common:

  1. Straight bet – depending on the site you pick, you can bet that up to 40 numbers will come up. The more numbers you pick, the more you pay, but the higher the payout if your numbers do come up. A short and simple bet.
  2. Way bet – picks groups of numbers. Although this can be more difficult to keep track of, as you’re looking at several different number groups in the same game, it’s a speedier way to play, and you have the chance to win more often.
  3. Quick pick – an online-only option, this is ideal if you’re short on time and just playing in a coffee break. The site will pick ten random numbers for you, sorting your bet instantly.

The type of bet you make will often depend on the game you’ve picked, so it’s important to consider these steps together.

Safety First

Any site you use should be licenced, which means they’re regulated by a government and answerable to the law there. Independent auditors like eCOGRA will also ensure gaming is fair, so look out for their symbol. Another thing to check is customer support; if you do have a problem, you don’t want to be kept waiting, so make sure support is prompt and available.

Most sites offer secure payment, but you can also choose third party payment methods like PayPal. Before choosing keno site, be sure that you can pay the way you’re comfortable with.

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