Craps Odds Explained


Craps Odds Explained

To the untrained eye, the Craps table is an enigma surrounded by screaming zealots. But once you learn the bets, and the odds involved, it becomes a goldmine of betting strategy and potential profit.

Pass (Come)

Pays: 1/1

Odds: 251/244

House Edge: 1.41%

The most common bet on the table, available on the opening ('come out') roll: when the black laminated marker labelled 'off' is on the table. Pays if a 7 or 11 is rolled, loses if 2, 3 or 12 are rolled, and any other numbers become the point. Bet stays until either the point is rolled again (you win), or a 7 is rolled (you lose). The 'Come' bet is a mathematically identical bet, made after the come out roll.

Any Seven

Pays: 4/1

Odds: 5/1

House Edge: 16.67%

Backs the players by betting on a 7 being rolled.

Don't Pass (Don't Come)

Pays: 1/1

Odds: 976/949

House Edge: 1.36%

Pays in the reverse circumstances to the 'Pass' bet. 'Don't Come' is mathematically the same as a 'Don't Pass,' but made after the come out roll.


Pays: 7/1

Odds: 8/1

House Edge: 11.11%

Backing the house by betting on a 2, 3 or 12 being rolled.

The Odds

Pays: 2/1 on 4, 10; 3/2 on 5, 9; 6/5 on 6,8

Odds: Same as pays

House Edge: 0%

'Taking the Odds' means backing the point after it has been thrown. Bets are often limited to a percentage of your initial stake on 'Pass' or 'Don't Pass'.

Laying the Odds

Pays: 1/2 against 4, 10; 2/3 against 5, 9; 5/6 against 6, 8

Odds: Same as pays

House Edge: 0%

The reverse of taking the odds.

Place Bets

Pays: 6/5 on 6, 8; 3/2 on 5, 9; 2/1 on 4, 10

Odds: 7/6 on 6, 8; 7/5 on 5, 9; 9/5 on 4, 10

House Edge: 1.52% on 6, 8; 4% on 5, 9; 6.67% on 4, 10

Place numbers are 4 to 10. You win if your number appears before a 7.

Lay Bets

Pays: Reverse of Place bets

Odds: Reverse of Place bets

House Edge: 4% on 6, 8; 3.23% on 5, 9; 2.44% on 4, 10

Backing the 7 to land before your chosen number. Players are normally charged an extra 5% commission on these bets.

Big 6 and 8

Pays: 1/1

Odds: 6/5

House Edge: 9.09%

Like a place bet on 6 or 8, but with worse odds.

Field Bets

Pays: 1/1, except 2 (2/1) and 12 (3/1)

Odds: 5/4

House Edge: 2.78%

A bet on the next number rolled. Options are 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12.

3 or 11

Pays: 15/1

Odds: 17/1

House Edge: 11.11%

Like a field bet, but on rarer numbers.

Hard Bets

Pays: 30/1 on 2, 12; 7/1 on 4, 10; 9/1 on 6, 8

Odds: 35/1 on 2, 12; 8/1 on 4, 10; 10/1 on 6, 8

House Edge: 13.89% on 2, 12; 11.11% on 4, 10; 9.09% on 6, 8

A hard roll is where both dice show the same number. So 'hard 2' is a 1 on each dice, 'hard 4' is two 2s, and so on.

By backing and laying various bets, players can customise their own level of risk and reward. Try for yourself online at InterCasino.

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