Russian and Brazilian Chop 2015 Turbo Championship of Online Poker

February 4th, 2015


With all eyes turned to watch the NFL's New England Patriots inch past the Seattle Seahawks to win Super Bowl XLIX, poker fans were also keeping a close eye on the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker. As reported by Poker News, the $700 buy-in event managed to draw an unprecedented 4,169 players, amassing a cash pot of $2,772,385.

After an incredible five hours of non-stop poker action, the final table was fixed, with a surprising number of UK players. In fact, basil86 sat at the top of the table going into the final nine with a chip count of 13,303,969, followed closely by Pitbully01 in third with 8,187,778, and Spraggs in fourth with a pile totalling 4,857,502.

As the final table wore on, German players GhettoHomie and majo-K88 fell first, followed swiftly by Colombia’s Jonathan jxarturo Arturo. It came down to the trio of Brits against two of the lowest players going into the final table, yet it was the latter duo that emerged triumphant. The last table became the scene for a duel between Russia’s Nikki_Hefner and Brazil’s riversouza. The pair only went one hand against each other before agreeing to cut or "chop" the winning pot, meaning that each player would receive at least $350,000, regardless of whether they came first or second.

From that point on, despite riversouza having the chip lead of 45.6 million compared to the Russian’s stack of 35 million, the cards fell in favour of Nikki_Heffner, who returned to pole position with five big blinds. Backed into a corner, riversouza went all in, and almost pulled it off were it not for a six of hearts and eight of spades giving Nikki_Heffner a nut straight and the title of the TCOOP Main Event, along with winnings of $396,516. Thanks to the pre-agreed chop, riversouza walked away with his head held high and $363,119 in the bank.

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