Brit Lottery Lovers Bank Massive El Gordo Jackpot with Online Lottery Betting Service

January 18th, 2016


Brit Lottery Lovers Bank Massive El Gordo Jackpot with Online Lottery Betting Service

El Gordo is Spain's biggest lottery draw. Taking place every Christmas, the draw has become one of the largest in Europe, with the jackpot for last year valued at an impressive £1.6 billion (€2.1 billion). This time around, the December 22 fiesta was also enjoyed by players further afield thanks to online lottery betting services. These sites give lottery players across the globe the chance to bet from the comfort of their own homes, without even venturing to a shop, let alone Spain.

Login, Ante-Up and Win

The premise behind online lottery betting is simple; players sign up to a site such as Coral Lotto, make a deposit and bet on the outcome of an international lottery, like Italy's SuperEnalotto. In the same way that they might purchase tickets for a lottery in their own country, players are required to choose the standard amount of numbers. If their numbers roll in, they bank a set prize based on the overall prize pool.

For the Spain's El Gordo, players purchase billets containing five-digit combinations. The December 22 draw then reveals the winning combination and the winning players are awarded a prize based on how many numbers they match (from one to five numbers).

Brits Bag Spanish Riches

Online lottery players across Europe had the opportunity to pick five numbers between 0-9 and play for a top prize worth in excess of £2 million (€2.6 million) at the same time as residents in Spain. As the results reverberated around Europe, a quintet from the UK joined in the celebrations, having played the lottery via Lottoland. This is the first time British players have been able to share in the fun of El Gordo and the five winners, who have chosen to remain anonymous, certainly seized the opportunity with both hands.

Each player chose a number each, eventually settling on the combination 79140. However, it wasn't until a verification email reached their inboxes that they realised they'd won the £2.8 million jackpot. Despite the group's wish to remain anonymous, one of the winners did offer some words of advice to anyone contemplating a cheeky wager on Europe's top lotteries. "Many say they never win, but that's because they don't play. Who dares wins," the player told The Daily Mirror.

El Gordo

Spain's annual El Gordo lottery is widely regarded as one of the best in the world, due to its huge jackpot and favourable odds (chances of winning are just 100,000 to 1). Those who take part in the main lottery win a prize of at least €200 if they match just one of the five numbers drawn. The nature of the game is such that the £1.6 billion (€2.1 billion) jackpot is often shared out between multiple winners, and in 2015 a total of 1,600 players took home a €400,000 share of the prize pool.

Although El Gordo's wallet is closed for another year, online lottery services are currently offering a slew of bets on the biggest lotteries around the world, including the EuroMillions, the Irish Lotto, the US Powerball and the Mega Millions.

To check out the latest offers on the world's top lotteries, visit Coral Lotto today!

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