Unclaimed $63 Million Lottery Ticket Set To Expire

February 2nd, 2016


Unclaimed $63 Million Lottery Ticket Set To Expire

On 8 August 2015, a 7-Eleven in Chatsworth, California sold the winning ticket to the August California SuperLotto Plus draw. That jackpot totaled $63 million with the winning numbers 46-1-33-30-16. The Chatsworth 7-Eleven was delighted to find out they sold the winning ticket but to much dismay, they have yet to celebrate as the owner of the winning ticket has yet to come forward and claim their life-changing prize. Although most lotteries provide ample time to claim your winnings, deadlines must be set and this ticket is approaching its deadline.

California Lotto's Final Notice

The California Lottery, the governing body of the California SuperPlus Lotto, sent out a press release explaining the unclaimed ticket was approaching its expiration date. The lottery won back during the August 2015 draw had a 4 February deadline (180 days after winning) to be claimed. Its rare a prize of this magnitude go unclaimed but this certainly isn't the first time.

The CA Lottery has steps in place in the event a massive jackpot is won but unclaimed; in the event the winning ticket goes unclaimed by 4 February, the $63 million will go towards state-wide education. The CA Lottery did explain though regardless of the claiming of the ticket or not, the vendor who sold the winning ticket still got its $315,000 commission so the 7-Eleven isn't in too much dismay.

Finding Out You Won

Playing the lottery involves an astronomical amount of risk so adding any unnecessary risk or distraction is frowned upon. Unfortunately, some players are not only battling odds sometimes as high as 200,000,000/1 but also battling their selves. Players, mostly those who frequently play and the allure has faded, tend to occasionally forget to check the results of the tickets they buy.

Fortunately, the expansion of online and mobile lottery play has provided ample tools and features for players to avoid this issues all together. Many lottery operators and services provide tools to alert you when you have won a prize or jackpot. 'Buy and scan' apps are third party apps used to scan and hold lottery ticket info then notify the player when they won. Operators them selves are providing such services through their own apps.

Also, search engines have begun providing lottery draw results in their search results for key terms so players need not search through results looking for a relevant link with the results. Bing was the first major search engine to introduce this new feature but many expect Google and the rest to join.

Claiming your Prize

Once players have found out if they won anything or not, claiming the prize is the next step. Most lotteries will provide smaller winnings directly from their local office in the form of cash with the submission of the winning ticket and particular identification (depending on where you live). If a major jackpot is secured, payment plans are set in place with most lotteries featuring a one-time payment at a smaller amount than won or an annual payment.

This unlucky ticket holder has failed at one of these steps and it could cost him $63 million. Let's hope you avoid this mess by using helpful tools or concierge services. To enjoy the California SuperLotto Plus from anywhere around the world and become the next by winner who actually claims their prize, head over to TheLotter and get your ticket today!

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