7 Top Games on the 2019 NFL Schedule Bettors Should Target

7 Top Games on the 2019 NFL Schedule Bettors Should Target

Oh, NFL, why do you tease fans of NFL betting like this

Wednesday was our annual mid-April national holiday in the NFL released its 2019 regular-season schedule in all of its 256-game glory. It runs from Sept. 5. until Dec. 29. We’re all ready to make our bets, right? Yeah, we have plenty of time to study all of these 256 games.

Until then. here are seven matchups that stick for having great betting potential. Circle the games on your calendar!

1. Colts at Chargers | Week 1

Andrew Luck

This is the sneaky best matchup of the opening weekend. Yes, there is the historic Green Bay-Chicago matchup on Thursday, Sept. 5, to start the NFL’s 100th season. And, yes, there is the Sunday night matchup between the Patriots and Steelers. But you must check out the Colts-Chargers game Sunday afternoon.

These were two of the best teams in the NFL at the end of last season. The Colts won 10 of their final 11 games to make the playoffs after a 1-5 start. The Chargers actually tied the Chiefs for the best record in the AFC. The tough reality for the Chargers was the Chiefs won the tiebreaker. Thus, the Chargers were a wild card.

Both the Colts and the Chargers can represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. The season starts with a bang. By the way, oddsmakers have the Chargers as an initial 3.5-point favorite.

2. Saints at Rams | Week 2

Saints and Rams

You have to give the NFL credit – it is swallowing this pill early. We all know the dirty details – a blown non-pass interference call robbed New Orleans and 40-year-old quarterback Drew Brees of going to the Super Bowl. The game led to a pivotal NFL rule change that now makes pass interference calls and non-calls reviewable. Wouldn’t it be something if the first pass interference reversal in the NFL occurs in this game? The NFL gods may be up to providing that juicy history.

3. Bears at Eagles | Week 9


This is another tasty 2018 postseason rematch. Oh, the poor Bears. Many league observers thought they had a Super Bowl makeup. But it was all ruined by kicker Cody Parkey’s brutal ‘double doink’ missed field goal as time expired against Philadelphia. Parkey has been jettisoned and it’s been a long winter in Chicago. Seeing the Eagles on the 2019 schedule probably gave the entire city chills.

4. Steelers at Browns | Week 11

Baker Mayfield

The Browns -- the freaking Cleveland Browns – made this list. It’s a new day. Exactly how new? The Browns are the betting favorite to win the AFC North. This is a team hasn’t been to the postseason in 17 years. But it’s a new world in Cleveland with Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr. and the guys.

The Browns have caught the imagination of the NFL as much as the oddsmakers. Cleveland is on prime-time television four times this season – with the ability for more if they are worthy of being flexed into prime-time. This game will be their fourth prime-time game of the season. The Steelers-Browns in November on a Thursday night? Sign us up.

5. Patriots at Eagles | Week 11

Carson Wentz

The beautiful but twisted thing about the New England Patriots is they are a vengeful bunch. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady don’t forget a thing. The fact that New England is the defending Super Bowl champion likely does not dull the pain of its loss to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

Surely, Belichick and Brady will make it a focal point against the Eagles in this late-season road game. This time, of course, it will be Carson Wentz and not Nick Foles facing the Patriots. It doesn’t matter. New England will want to make Wentz pay for his former backup’s deeds.

6. Chiefs at Patriots | Week 14

Patriots and Chiefs

If it weren’t for the disaster in New Orleans, this championship game nightcap would have been remembered as the top game of a wild 2018 season. Tom Brady setup his sixth Super Bowl victory by winning In Kansas City in overtime.

The last three matchups between these teams, dating back to Week 1 of the 2017 season, have been nuts. The Chiefs, who won both of the regular-season matchups the past two seasons, have scored 113 in the three games, while New England has tallied 107. Yes, let’s all bet the over in this one.

7. Colts at Saints | Week 15

Drew Brees

It wouldn’t be a shock if this is a December preview of what we’ll see in Super Bowl LIV on February 2, 2020 in Miami. This is a great December Sunday night game. The odds of this game being flexed out appear very slim. Both the Saints and Colts have the looks of teams ready for the long haul.