BetChicago And Sportradar Agree To Multi-Year Partnership

BetChicago And Sportradar Agree To Multi-Year Partnership

BetChicago will be ready for sports betting if it comes to Illinois, entering a multi-year deal with Sportradar.

Sportradar will provide their risk management and data services to BetChicago, including live odds. At the moment, sports betting won’t be a thing in Illinois in 2018, but Senator Napoleon Harris believes that sportbooks will be coming to Illinois in the relatively near future.

“In my mind, there’s no question Illinois is going to approve a sports law allowing gambling on sporting events, it’s just a matter of when.”

BetChicago is taking his word for it with their new partnership. Currently acting as a media company, BetChicago’s CEO Frank Ignatius called the partnership an important step for the company now, as well as in the future.

“This partnership with Sportradar is a great first step for BetChicago. By partnering with the most innovative and technologically advanced vendor in this industry, BetChicago has elevated its brand and stayed true to its goal of offering best-in-class content and technology.

Ignatius continued:

“Live, accurate, real-time data is essential to BetChicago the media company, and will be even more critical in the future with the imminent legalization of sports betting in Illinois. We believe the future of this industry is directly tied to live-betting and other real-time functionality, so a deal with the leader in sports data is a natural fit.”

Neale Deeley, VP Gaming Sales at Sportradar:

“It truly is an exciting time in the United States for sports betting and we’re delighted to partner with BetChicago as they proactively look to provide sports fans in Illinois with the highest quality betting technology, services and content. This partnership shows that Sportradar is not only committed to working with big partners in the United States, but also identifying new market entrants that we believe we can support and elevate with our systems."

The Companies

BetChicago was founded in 2017 and operates as a sports news source with a specific focus on Illinois sports. They cover all sports and provide fantasy analysis. They also offer a handful of free-to-play contests, including a $100,000 American football handicapping contest and daily fantasy sports with a $2,500 giveaway prize.

Sportradar is one of the leading providers of sports data around the globe. They provide for over 1,000 companies across the world. They’re also partnered with some of the biggest sports leagues in the US, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR, as well as international federations FIFA and UEFA. They also exclusively distribute data from the NBA and NHL as well as MLB AV rights for betting purposes around the world.

Sports Betting In Illinois

Illinois ran straight up to the witching hour before tabling sports betting for the year. Lawmakers couldn’t quite hammer out details before the legislature’s adjournment on May 31st, and all language for sports betting died in committee. After minor rumblings that there could be more meetings in July, nothing materialized and Illinois sports betting was left to wait until the fall veto session in November.

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