Betsafe Launches Upgraded Mobile Sportsbook Experience

Betsafe Launches Upgraded Mobile Sportsbook Experience

The mobile betting experience at Betsafe has been upgraded, as part of improvements across all three of Betsson's brands. The new sportsbook features an overhauled user interface, and new front-end framework.

Betsafe has been enhancing this service constantly, and these most recent developments come after many more sports were added to the book last year. These recent changes build on the greater range on offer, making it simpler to stream live events and track preferred sports!

Features and Experience

The Betsafe sportsbook itself has been designed from the ground up for mobile devices, and these recent updates make the whole process sleeker, smoother, and easier to use. Menus are clearly laid out, effortless to read, and responsive. Browsing the large list of sports is straightforward, and users can even search exclusively for tournaments or matches that are about to start.

Betting is simple as well – there's a good variety of in-play markets to choose from, and you place bets quickly and easily as matches or events are taking place. The new UI means you can also access a live stream of whatever you're following quickly to get in on the action. The format is standardised across all three brands too, with the only difference being in colour.

Mobile Innovators

Betsafe is no stranger to innovation when it comes to mobile betting tech. The release of Emperor earlier this year, a mobile game that allows players to bet against other users during live sporting events, is just one example. The app is currently focussed on football only, and asks players a number of questions as a match unfolds.

Cash prizes are on offer for high scorers. It's a clever way of getting players engaged in a variety of ways during matches – the sportsbook provides the information and betting options, while Emperor offers a way to engage with others while also upping potential winnings for the day.

Users are already seeing improvements to the Sportsbook as a direct result of Betsson's acquisition of RaceBets, including the recent release of horse racing on Betsafe. The company also operates a number of other subsidiaries that have produced more than 20 apps for mobile devices so far.

The Future of Mobile Betting

Although the majority of bets are still placed in bricks-and-mortar shops, this is changing quickly and already a third of betting is online. Deloitte predicts that total consumer expenditure in the UK market will be worth in the region of £4.4 billion in 2018. This is likely to increase in coming years.

Betsafe is no doubt playing the long game, and making sure it’s ahead of the curve and ready to capitalise on this growth. While benefits will be enjoyed by the betting companies, there are a lot of pluses for users, too.

Quicker payments, instant, convenient betting, and generally a better customer experience are all positives of mobile gaming. Apps like Betsafe's Sportsbook will not only become more common, but even more streamlined.

Ease of Use

Functionality is important and although the jury is still officially out on Betsafe's Sportsbook until the fourth quarter, the initial response has been extremely positive from users. This is a good sign for Betsafe, because research has found that reliability and smooth performance are essential in retaining user attention when using any app.

For gambling and sporting apps that handle on-the-spot bets and stream live footage, this is understandably even more crucial. Add onto that in-play betting, which is earmarked to be the largest growth sector within online betting as a whole, and it's easy to understand why Betsafe and its parent company Betsson are laying the groundwork now for a strong mobile presence.

Being able to bet on the fly without software problems or a difficult-to-understand interface is going to be increasingly significant for app providers. This is all good news for sports fans and gamblers too, of course. Placing stakes on your favourite team as they play, or going for a high-odds bet as a race unfolds, have never been such plain-sailing. And they're likely to get easier and more interactive still.

The new upgrades to Betsafe's Sportsbook are not only a sign of the times, but an indication of what could be to come for online betting in the next few years. If you want to see all Betsafe and all this topnotch bookmaker has to offer to both the mobile and traditional gambling worlds, head over to Betsafe today!