Codeta Unveils Skill Score to Help Live Players up the Game

Codeta Unveils Skill Score to Help Live Players up the Game

Renowned gaming operator Codeta Casino has launched a new and distinctive feature that will help players brush up on their classic table game skills. Skill Score will bring a personal touch an extra layer of competition to Codeta’s thrilling live casino action.

Ihre Excited for Development of New Tech

Chairman and Co-Founder of Codeta, Edward Ihre, is excited for what the casino’s newest gaming feature brings to customers. In the company’s press release he said so:

“Skill development is a big part of why players engage in live table games and Skill Score enables them to keep track of their progress while also competing with other players. Skill Score allows us to better engage our players and communicate with them on a regular basis. If we see they are performing well at blackjack but not so well at roulette, we can send them tutorials to help improve their roulette skills, for example.”

Ihre believes Skill Score will give Codeta a serious edge on the internet gaming competition by allowing players not only to win big game by game but also improve their skill level over time and become better players in the long run.

“Skill Score really sets us aside from our rivals, and allows us to offer added value to our players. Our brand promise is to capture the skill and thrill of table games, and Skill Score is just one way we are able to offer this.”

How It Works

Skill Score ranks players based on their performance playing a wide variety of live table games including 30 versions of blackjack, casino hold ‘em three card poker, baccarat and roulette. Players will be listed on a leaderboard based on their scores giving both motivation to improve and some insight into the competition they’ll face.

The score itself is determined based on two main factors or more specifically two types of wins. The casino keeps track of and labels “big wins” and “dedicated wins” which respectively describes winning a big pot in one particular game and winning over a long period of time.

Dedicated wins are calculated by the ratio of wins to losses and big wins are based on payout ratios. Regardless of whether you’re a high roller or more conservative gamer the Skill Score system won’t discriminate when ranking you.

Players can improve their score obviously by improving in either category or achieving a workable balance between the two types of winning. With live dealers, there are also opportunities to pick up new tricks and tips that other live dealer casinos simply don’t provide. Whether you compete against other players or go it alone, Codeta is prepared to help you win and become a better player.

The Codeta Difference

Codeta gives online gamblers a truly unique experience already, and the addition of Skill Score to the fold will only improve user experience. While other online casinos focus heavily on slots and the sheer number of slot games offered, Codeta devotes more time to providing the very best in online table games experience.

Codeta features some of the best content and software available in the online gambling market employing top-of-the-line software providers NetEnt, Evolution and Authentic Gaming. The Live Casino is powered by Evolution and creates a wonderfully authentic casino experience without leaving the comfort of home.

First Ever Skill ScoreTM Tournament Marks Occasion

In honor of the company’s development and adoption of the new feature, Codeta additionally announced that it would organize an event showcasing Skill Score. Codeta hosted the world’s first ever Live Casino Skill Score Tournament which is currently underway. The tournament began back on May 8 and ends this weekend on May 20.

Ten players are currently competing for shares of a €2500-pot based on who ends up with the best scores. The breakdown for payment by end position is listed here:

  • 1st place - €625
  • 2nd place - €500
  • 3rd place - €375
  • 4th place - €250
  • 5th place - €200
  • 6th place - €175
  • 7th place - €150
  • 8th place - €100
  • 9th place - €75
  • 10th place - €50