Donald Trump Favourite To Be Republican Candidate For 2024

Donald Trump Favourite To Be Republican Candidate For 2024
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Donald Trump has seen his chances of being the Republican candidate for the 2024 US presidential election boosted after his acquittal from impeachment charges in the Senate.

Trump was impeached for the second time during his presidency following the riot in the Capitol building in early January that left five people dead.

However, the Senate failed to deliver a two-thirds majority to convict the 74-year-old, which would have likely barred him from running for office again in 2024.

Now Trump has a clear path to the next US election, bookmakers, punters and political analysts are calculating whether or not the controversial statesman will run again.

And it appears as though bookmakers have been the first to assume this is the case, with a dramatic change being triggered in the Republican betting markets since Trump’s acquittal.

Trump Favourite Republican To Win

According to UK bookmakers, Trump is the third favourite behind Kamala Harris (7/2) and Joe Biden (5/1) to win the 2024 US election. Indeed, Trump’s odds have held firm throughout the recent impeachment process and he is 7/1 to claim the presidency.

However, bookmakers have greatly widened the odds of Trump’s likely Republican rivals. His former vice president Mike Pence is now 23/1 to secure the White House in 2024.

Nikki Haley – an early contender for the Republican candidacy in three years’ time – has also drifted out to a new price of 20/1.

It gives Pence an implied probability of 4.2% of winning the next election, and Haley 4.8%. There is a 12.5% chance of Trump returning to Washington DC in 2024 and being sworn in for a second term.

Ivanka Odds Fluctuate

In the aftermath of the 2020 US election bookmakers and political analysts pondered whether or not Trump’s daughter Ivanka would become the figurehead of the Republican party and extend the family dynasty further into American politics.

But the 39-year-old has largely kept out of the spotlight since her father left office. Ivanka was at one stage as short as 14/1 to be the next US president after Biden. But in recent weeks her price has inflated to 61/1.

Other potential candidates in the Republican party include high-profile Texas Senator Ted Cruz (40/1), FOX TV host Tucker Carlson (50/1) and Florida Senator Marco Rubio (54/1).

While bookmakers have priced this trio a long way off the favourite, it is worth remembering that Trump himself was a huge outsider when he first ran for the Republican candidacy in 2015. The businessman was 25/1 back in August that year and even on election day was the big outsider against favourite Hillary Clinton.