FanDuel Revamps, Releases First Players' Bill of Rights, Redesigns Logo, Secures UK Betting License and Launches Season-Long Products

 FanDuel Revamps, Releases First Players' Bill of Rights, Redesigns Logo, Secures UK Betting License and Launches Season-Long Products

Despite all the controversy surrounding Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in the United States, Fanduel has undergone a full brand revamp in hopes of recapturing America's attention, reestablishing trust, and hopefully putting some of that bad press behind them.

The first of many big moves the DFS operator made was redesigning their logo. They then established the first players' "Bill of Rights", ensuring, among other things, all players' funds are fully protected, no employees will ever participate and created a new player identification system to curb experienced players taking advantage.

Possibly the biggest move the US-based operator made was the securing of the always coveted gambling license from the UK Gambling Commission. Set to launch in the UK soon, FanDuel has announced they will be offering season-long products like more traditional Fantasy Sports.

Uphill Sledding for FanDuel

DFS absolutely took off across the pond in 2015. FanDuel and their counterpart DraftKings, the two largest DFS operators in the US and Canada, became household names as Americans and Canadians came in droves to try out a new way to embrace fantasy sports.

Unfortunately, for the all highs DFS experienced last year, the game is experiencing equally as many lows in 2016. Thanks to the introduction of regulation and legislation all across the the United States, DFS has since been banned in numerous states, dealt with multiple scandals, and overall lost the trust of some players.

The two major operators have spent most of 2016 bombarded with a heap of lawsuits after those several states ruled that DFS constituted gambling, meaning it was illegal under US law. As of writing, FanDuel was no longer operating in 11 US states (here's an interactive map and guide to current DFS legislation in the US).

Although still active in 39 other states and all over Canada, FanDuel has been hemorrhaging players and reputation since the regulation picked up in late 2015. Overcoming all these obstacles has seemed impossible at times, even to their CEO, Nigel Eccles:

"The last 12 months have been incredibly challenging. There were a number of different ways people had us being killed off, but we are still here."

But now FanDuel isn't just "still here," they are actively fighting back. The full brand revamp might not change everyone's perception of the site but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

The Players' "Bill of Rights"

A major part of FanDuel's revamp is their release of the first players' "Bill of Rights." The Bill, now governing gameplay on the site, consists of ten new rights all players are ensured while playing on the site. The new rights cover a myriad of topics including fair play, improved regulation, a new player identification system and more:

  1. You have the right to a level playing field. | FanDuel has banned all third-party "scripting," ensuring no players have a technological edge. They have also established clear contest entry limits.
  2. It's your money. Not ours. Plain & simple. | Players' funds will now be kept in completely separate accounts from FanDuel's operational funds.
  3. You deserve to know the rules before you play. | All rules and regulations are now clearly presented to each player before entering any contest.
  4. You get to choose how you play. | The operator plans to more clearly display the wealth of contest types available, including free contests.
  5. You should know who you're up against. | Players will now be identified by their skill level, with experienced players earning an icon of either "Experienced" or "Highly Experienced."
  6. New players have their own place to play. | New comers are offered exclusive access to contests for new FanDuelers only. New players can gain experience on the site without the risk of engaging a more experienced player.
  7. Your questions deserve honest answers. | FanDuel plans to increase their Support presence, encouraging players to contact them with any and all questions or concerns.
  8. You should get what you expect when you sign up. | They plan to simplify their offers, while also providing access to more clear and thorough explanations in the event of any confusion.
  9. You will not play against any employee. | FanDuel employees are banned from participating in all DFS regardless of the site. Employees of other DFS sites are also banned from playing on FanDuel.
  10. You control how much you pay. | FanDuel provides helpful tools to promote responsible play. Players can restrict how much or how often they play and can cancel their account at any time.

The new "Bill of Rights" is expected to help rebuild trust between players and the operator. As regulation continues, FanDuel seems to be getting out in front, setting up their own player-centric rules in hopes of convincing players FanDuel is ready to truly put their players first.

FanDuel Eyes the UK Market, Now Offer Season-Long Products

FanDuel has been waiting for some time to finally secure a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Representing access to one of the largest gambling markets in the world, the coveted UK gambling license has been the main concentration of the company over the last few months as their initial market - the US - began drying up.

Thanks to this new brand revamp, FanDuel is set to expand into the UK with a brand new logo, site design, Bill of Rights and overall new image. To coincide with the UK market expansion, FanDuel is releasing their new season-long products.

Moving outside daily fantasy sports into season-long offerings is expected to add extra security as DFS continue to find opposition in the US. If you haven't enjoyed DFS yet, you have but are looking for a brand new operator, or are simply interested in seeing what's new, head over to FanDuel today!