Here Are Some Wacky Super Bowl 2019 Prop Bets You Can Place

Here Are Some Wacky Super Bowl 2019 Prop Bets You Can Place

Now that the matchup of Super Bowl LIII is set, it’s time to look forward to the spectacle of the NFL’s championship game. That includes the marvel of the game itself, the Super Bowl commercials and, of course, the assortment of fun propositional bets that will be posted as part of Super Bowl betting offerings.

We’ve already gotten a taste of the betting menu available at top NFL bookmakers’ for in-game prop bets, like who will score the first touchdown and if the game will go into overtime. And other bookmakers have posted a slew of betting lines on the more wacky and wild happenings that we’ve come to expect.

National Anthem Betting

Of course, it always starts off with the National Anthem, which Gladys Knight will be singing this season. Not only can you bet on how long it will be, you can also bet on what she’ll be wearing and whether she’ll forget a word (+300 for “Yes”) or not (-500 for “No”).

Adding a twist will be the kneeling discussion as we’ve seen players take a knee during the singing of the anthem over the last couple of years. It hasn’t been as frequent this year, though, so “No” is posted at -700 while “Yes” is at +400.

Betting on Donald Trump

The President of the United States is bound to be a talking point and there is some debate, since both the owner of the Los Angeles Rams and of the New England Patriots have been big donors to his campaign.

If you think he’ll make it to the game, you can bet on “Yes” at +400 but “No” at -700 is more likely since it would look pretty bad for him to attend a football game if the government is still shut down. Alternately, you can bet on whether he’ll make over or under six tweets on the day of the game.

Halftime Show

At halftime, there are all sorts of props that you can bet on relating to Maroon 5, who is the main performer. The popular band will be joined by rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi at some point too.

With Maroon 5, you can bet on how many songs they’ll play (over or under 7.5) and what will be the first song performed? In early odds, “One More Night” is favored at +300 while “Makes Me Wonder” – the band’s first No. 1, comes in at +500.

And if you want to go beyond that, you can bet on Adam Levine’s outfit color, if he’ll be wearing a hat and whether or not Christian Aguilera will make an appearance.

The Stadium

Remember that Super Bowl LIII is played in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, which is in fact a stadium with a retractable roof. While most of the United States suffers from wintery weather, Atlanta will be warm and pleasant, so it’s possible that they open it up. If you think the roof will be open for kickoff, you can bet “Yes” at -165. “No” clocks in at +125.

Another interesting stadium-related prop is the Chick-fil-A inside. The popular fast food chain isn’t open on Sundays at any of their locations but given the special event, they might change their mind.

The oddsmakers don’t think it’s likely that they break from their tradition as “No” is at -950 while “Yes” is at +525.

Odd In-Game Props

In terms of the fun in-game props, the “Will There Be A Roughing The Passer Penalty” has been one of the most popular bets. Of course, this relates to Tom Brady, who often gets those calls in his favor – as he did in the AFC Championship Game – when opponents brush by him.

The prop opened up as high as -160 for “No” at some shops but betting on “Yes” has pushed it down to -120 on both sides.

Also, you can bet on whether either kicker will hit the upright or crossbar on a missed field goal or extra point attempt. That prop is an ode to Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey, who hit both the crossbar and the upright in the opening round.

That miss cost the Bears a win over the Philadelphia Eagles, who eventually lost to the New Orleans Saints.

Post-Game Props

And don’t forget about the post-game visit to the White House. That’ll be a frequently talked about event after Donald Trump, the President of the United States, hosted the National Champion Clemson Tigers for a fast food feast at the White House recently. Will the players decide to visit the White House, as tradition has it, or will they do what the NBA’s champion Golden State Warriors did and skip the festivities?

“Yes” is still favored at -175 while “No” is at +135. It’s likely the winning team visits and the worst-case scenario is that a few players who don’t support the current administration skip the visit.