Huge Lottery Jackpots Available Around the World this Week

Huge Lottery Jackpots Available Around the World this Week

The EuroJackpot, a transnational European lottery, has been churning out massive cash prizes and making people millionaires overnight since 2012. This week’s drawing is especially exciting as it has reached a mammoth €90 million total.

A host of countries participate in the EuroJackpot including Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

Additionally the Australian Powerball has reached AUD 30 Million and the American MegaMillions jackpot has $60 million up for grabs. The EuroJackpot numbers will be announced this Friday at 21:00 local time, the Australian Powerball will be drawn Thursday night at 8:30 pm AEST and the MegaMillions draw will take place Tuesday night at 11 pm ET.

How to Join in on the Fun

Normally a player would have to be a legal citizen of one of the above listed countries to get in on the action. With the help of services like TheLotter, however, you don’t have to be European to join in on the fun. In fact, you can play any lottery from anywhere in the world and take advantage of the biggest global paydays.

TheLotter lets betters bypass nationally instituted geographic restrictions to legally bet on lotteries abroad. Acting as a sort of ‘lottery concierge firm’ or ‘lottery agent’ you can pay agents from TheLotter to submit your lottery ticket for you. In many cases should your number be drawn, you’ll be flown out to receive your prize!

TheLotter’s website even provides a comprehensive look at the EuroJackpot, its history and other details in its Eurojackpot guide. In all, TheLotter allows for players to participate in any of the 51 lotteries around the world it partners with including other huge draws like EuroMillions and La Primitiva, and SuperLotto.

TheLotter accepts a wide variety of payment methods including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Skrill Moneybookers, NETELLER, Paysafecard, Maestro and Entropay. As can be presumed, players will have to submit identification to claim rewards, but will be able to remain anonymous should they choose.

Recent Jackpot Sizes and Big Winners

This year has already yielded one of the biggest winners of all time as back on February 9th a Finnish player won €90 million. That €90 million plateau has been reached and won by players three other times and has a chance to be won again this week.

On May 15 of 2015 a player in the Czech Republic won €90 million, a player in Germany won that amount on October 14 of 2016 and on January 6, 2017 five winners across Europe shared the prize. This is by no means the highest lottery jackpot ever recorded, however, and it’s not even the highest jackpot this year.

Back in March both major American lottery providers Mega Millions and the Powerball combined for over $600 million in potential jackpot winnings. The Powerball posted an estimated jackpot of $350 million and Mega Millions offered $265 million in winnings.

One of the most recent Lotter winners was Aura D. from Panama who won the company’s biggest lottery prize ever last July. By playing the Florida Lotto, took home a $30 million jackpot and was even flown to the US to collect it by TheLotter.

So with such massive amounts available, there’s plenty of reasons to take a chance on this week’s posted lotteries. There’s no need to let your location limit your possibilities and with the help of TheLotter some of the greatest lotto treasures the world has to offer are right at your fingertips.

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