Latest Betting Odds On What Donald Trump Will Do Next

Latest Betting Odds On What Donald Trump Will Do Next
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Donald Trump is nearing the end of his reign as United States president yet in the final days of his premiership there is plenty of uncertainty around what he will do next.

The businessman, who sensationally beat Hilary Clinton to the presidency in 2016, lost out to Democrat Joe Biden in last November’s US election.

Trump has called foul on the vote and made claims of widespread voter fraud, despite offering no evidence to back up his allegations.

His tempestuous four years in charge at the White House officially comes to an end on January 20 when Biden will be inaugurated in Washington DC.

Yet bookmakers Ladbrokes have indicated that Trump is unlikely to attend the ceremony, while impeachment proceedings by the Democrats is also expected to fail.

Here, explores the key US politics betting markets that Trump could influence in the coming weeks.

Trump To Attend Inauguration

In one of his final acts before his Twitter account was suspended, Trump issued a message stating he plans to skip Biden’s inauguration. Outgoing presidents traditionally attend the inauguration ceremony, as Barack Obama did for Trump four years ago.

But the Republican tweeted: “To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.” This immediately saw Ladbrokes’ price on Trump being at the Capitol for the ceremony expand to 3/1, while his odds on not attending crashed to 1/5.

Not attending would certainly cause controversy in America – but also falls into Trump’s baseless narrative that the election was fraudulently handed to Biden. What Trump will be doing instead remains a mystery for now.

Where Will Trump Be?

Indeed, speculation over where the outgoing president will be on inauguration day spiked as soon as the president sent his tweet. And UK bettors swiftly moved to back him at 1/5 to be in Florida – the state where Trump intends to base himself once he vacates the White House.

The president spends regular amounts of time at his Mar-a-Lago golf course in Palm Beach.

There is a tentative price of 5/1 that he will be in Washington DC on January 20 and 33/1 he will be at his golf course in Scotland. However, Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has already warned Trump against travelling to his Turnberry golf resort due to coronavirus restrictions. He is 50/1 to be in Moscow.

Trump Impeachment Odds

Democrats are pushing to remove Trump before inauguration day by either triggering the 25th Amendment or initiating impeachment proceedings. With Trump’s vice president Mike Pence and his cabinet unlikely to oust Trump via the 25th Amendment, the Democrats will try and impeach the president before January 20.

To do this there needs to be a two-thirds majority in both the House and the Senate – something the Democrats failed to pass when they previously brought impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Whether there is enough Republican support for impeachment this time around remains to be seen. But crucially, impeaching Trump even at this late stage of his presidency could ban him from running again for the 2024 US election – a prize the Democrats are keen to grab.

Trump is 1/6 favourite to complete his term in office, and 4/1 to be ousted – either via impeachment, the 25th Amendment or personal resignation.

Trump Self-Pardon

Outgoing presidents often use their lingering days in office to pardon citizens of the country – yet never has a president issued a self-pardon. Why Trump would do this remains to be seen and it would almost certainly end up in court.

Reports in the United States claim ‘Trump has told advisers he wants to pardon himself, as well as his children and their spouses so that they cannot be investigated and prosecuted for federal crimes’. The president supposedly began considering a self-pardon when the probe into alleged Russian influence began.

The 74-year-old is currently 5/4 to pardon himself – an implied probability of around 44% – with odds of 4/7 on him not doing so.

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