Latest Swing States Betting As US Election Goes To The Wire

Latest Swing States Betting As US Election Goes To The Wire
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Five major states are still in contention two days after the US election failed to produce a winner between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the race for the White House.

Nevada, Georgia, N Carolina, Pennsylvania and Arizona were all yet to announce their final votes heading into Thursday morning in the United States, where the election hangs on a knife edge.

The Democrats are ahead and realistically need two of these remaining five states – one of which, Arizona, is expected to turn Blue – to win the election.

But Trump has already outperformed opinion polls and is ready to mount a legal challenge if he loses this highly-controversial contest.

Here, looks at the five remaining swing states that are yet to announce a winner as mail-in votes continue to tumble in, and where bookmakers are pricing both candidates*.

Nevada: Democrats 1/5, Republicans 10/3

A state that was expected to back Trump here is tipped to flip Blue. Counting in Nevada stopped overnight on Thursday and will resume later in the day. Biden is understood to have a lead of less than 1% over Trump, with more mail-in votes set to be counted.

Nevada boasts six electoral college votes, which isn’t a huge haul. But at this stage it would certainly aid both candidates in their race to reach the 270 line.

Right now, Biden has 49.33% of all votes cast in the state, compared to Trump’s 48.69%. The difference is around 8,000 votes.

Georgia: Democrats 1/2, Republicans 7/5

Another Red state that may turn away from Trump after backing him in 2016, Georgia looks set to hand its 16 electoral college votes to the Democrats. But this is another fiercely-contested state and Trump has already ramped up the lawyers in preparation for a major legal battle if Biden does take the state.

Trump led in Georgia following the overnight count on Tuesday into Wednesday, but mail-in votes are bringing Biden back into contention. As of Thursday morning, Trump had a lead of just 0.4% in the state, with 98% of votes having been accounted for. This could swing either way.

North Carolina: Republicans 1/7, Democrats 4/1

Quite possibly Trump’s best chance of winning one of the final swing states is in North Carolina, which boasts 15 electoral votes. The state has counted 94% of votes and is sifting through mail-in ballots, but Trump has a lead of round 80,000.

This means the Republicans are likely to win the state and edged closer to the 270 mark. While Biden has been cutting into the incumbent’s lead, North Carolina should stay Red.

Pennsylvania: Democrats 1/3, Republicans 5/2

Possibly the most important swing state yet to be decided is Pennsylvania, where 20 electoral college votes are at stake. Trump has already claimed on Twitter that the Republicans have won the state and taken the electoral college votes, even though there has been no confirmation and ballots are still being counted.

It may not be until late on Thursday or even Friday that we hear from Pennsylvania. Trump has a 50.7%-48.1% lead over Biden with 11% of the ballots still be to recorded. The Republicans had a strong lead immediately after the polls closed but Blue ballot papers are being added to the tally all the time, cutting into Trump’s advantage.

Lawyers from both sides of the divide are likely to contest this one. The state may be settled on how the public in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs vote.

Arizona: Democrats 4/11, Republicans 2/1

If the Democrats flip Arizona and pick up 11 electoral college votes then Trump will almost certainly contest the count. Many in the traditionally die-hard Red state have voted for Biden after becoming disenfranchised with Trump’s coronavirus response. Biden is already leading in the state by 1.4%, with around 12% of votes – mainly from mail-in ballots – yet to be counted.

Arizona is another state where we may not hear official confirmation for some time. But bookmakers are still keeping it tight, especially with Trump tipped less than 70,000 votes from taking the state.

*All odds and stats correct as of 11:45am GMT Thursday, November 5.

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