League of Leagues: A Deeper Dive into the Premier League

League of Leagues: A Deeper Dive into the Premier League

By Contributor | Football | November 17th, 2017

Professional football (and it's betting market) in England has a history stretching back over a century, with the country’s top flight consistently producing some of the sports best. All told, dozens of teams have competed at the highest level of English football, participating in tens of thousands of matches and scoring thousands of goals.

Getting a grip on the nuances of this rich history can feel overwhelming, which is why Gambling.com has collected massive amounts of data on the subject and put it all together in one place where anyone can view it.

Whether one wishes to know how many games teams have played and their record in those contests, break down which geographic regions produce the most successful sides, or check when there were managers of various nationalities leading clubs, it’s all there. In this article we’ll break down exactly what can be found in League of Leagues!

Breaking Down the "League of Leagues"

Given how much information is available on the site and how many different ways there are to use that data, it is a bit tough to distill the League of Leagues site into a quick overview, but we’re going to try anyway. The first table that greets readers upon entering the site is positioned in that way for a reason.

League Table

The real meat of the site is found right here, on a page known as the League Table. This table is very much so like the one used to display an individual season’s results, containing categories detailing how many games teams have played, their record, goal differential, and points earned.

The difference is that this table contains all that information for every season of every team that has ever participated in England’s top flight, the English Premier League (EPL). There are also a few extra categories in place that provide extra information based on the additional data.

In addition to historic totals for the categories listed above, users can also see how many seasons a team has spent in the top flight since 1888, their average number of points earned per season, and their average number of matches they have won participating in what many consider the worl'd top football league.

Trends Emerge

Some interesting tidbits can be gleaned from this page that relay dominance, struggle, and historicity. While Manchester United has taken home the most championships since the creation of the Premier League, it’s actually a side that hasn’t won the top flight in over 25 years that holds the top spot in most major categories.

Liverpool leads the way when it comes to matches won, goal differential, and points earned, facts that may surprise younger football fans. To their credit, when considering per season averages the Red Devils do actually take the lead, earning the top spots by averaging 57.1 points and 19.2 wins per season. Not bad for a club with 92 seasons!

Illustrating Futility

This table can be used to illustrate futility as well. Registering the largest negative goal differential in history requires the rare combination where a team is good enough to remain in the top flight for many seasons, but is bad enough to get regularly and badly outscored.

To that end, two sides in particular have walked that thin line to ignominy. Birmingham City has spent 57 different seasons in the highest level of English football and has been outscored by 607 goals in that time. Stoke City has been only slightly better, participating in 61 top tier seasons and being outscored by 573 goals.

Searching for Consistency

Finally, this table goes a long way towards illustrating which sides have been among the most consistent. While teams like the clubs from Manchester are among the biggest names in football, it’s a different side that has spent the most time in the top flight.

Everton was a founding member of the Football League in 1888, and since that time they have spent just a handful of seasons outside the top division since that time. All told, Everton has spent 114 seasons in the upper echelon of the English football system, nearly ten more than the also-surprising second place team of Aston Villa.

Given how many season they have spent in the top flight, Everton also holds the record for the most matches played on that stage, with 4,443, nearly 400 more than the likes of Aston Villa, Arsenal, and Liverpool, the three teams closest behind them.

Further Segmentation

While most footy fans will find plenty of interesting information in that initial table, there is so much more that the site has to offer. Want to explore how football success is dispersed geographically throughout Great Britain? You can check that data via wins, points, and average wins thanks to a handy interactive map.

This is all complimented with a table much like the League Table where team names are replaced with the various regions. Users that want to visualize how teams have finished in the top flight historically can do so thanks to a beautiful graph, one that even allows them to check how that team has performed under a specific manager.

Monitoring Managers

Speaking of managers, they get their own showcase at League of Leagues, as the site tallies up how many managers each top division team has ever had, as well as how many of those were before and after the creation of the Premiership. Considering how much turnover there is at coaching, it's no surprise the total is high.

Users can even check the nations from which various managers originally hail, and get a historical perspective on exactly when managers of various nationalities were present in the top flight. For instance, this feature lets you know that the first Scottish manager at the highest levels took charge of a club in the 1880s!

The Finale

The final two features of the site chart progress in unique ways. A relegation chart breaks down how many times various teams have been relegate while providing extra context by also indicating how many season sides have been in the top flight.

It then translates those pieces of information into a percentage number representing how often they suffer relegation. The final section of the site focuses on how much teams have spent on transfers since the creation of the Premier League.

It shows how much teams have spent buying players and how much they have made selling, as well as a net total. Perhaps the most fun part of this feature is that it also lists how many points each team has earned in the Premiership and then takes their net spend divided by points earned to show how much teams spend per point.

While you’d be forgiven for assuming Manchester City leads the way in that category, they only come in second at £823,373 per point. No, instead it’s Cardiff City taking the top spot, having spent £1,262,567 for each of the 30 Premier League points they have earned since 1992.

These are just a sampling of the things that can be cleaned at League of Leagues, and while they are very informative they barely scratch the surface when it comes to the history of top flight English football. To get a better sense of that history, explore Gambling.com’s League of Leagues for yourself today!

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