Live 5 Q&A: Lloyd Butler on Wild Gods of Egypt & More

Live 5 Q&A: Lloyd Butler on Wild Gods of Egypt & More

For this Q&A spoke with Lloyd Butler, CEO of Live 5. We discuss the company’s newest release, Wild Gods of Egypt, including what makes it different from other Egyptian themed slot games and why Live 5 expect it to capture the imaginations of gamers.

Q&A with Lloyd Butler of Live 5

Q: Hi Lloyd! Thanks for joining us. Tell us a little about Live 5.

Live 5 are a development studio specialising in tailored and bespoke content distributed via SG Digital. We are a seasoned team of industry experts in online and retail content development. We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining strong relationships delivering quality content.

Q: Is there a category of casno game that Live 5 specialises in?

Live 5 specialise in both online and retail gaming, also delivering omni content to the UK’s biggest operators.

Q: What sort of gameplay experience should players expect from your newest title Wild Gods of Egypt?

Excitement! WG has some truly exciting gameplay, wilds have never been so exciting! You will immediately notice the quality when playing WG, the sounds, the quality of the graphics and the flow of the game.

Q: The Ancient Egyptian theme is one that we frequently see in titles from many different game developers. Why did you opt for this theme in the game and what differentiates it – both stylistically and gameplay wise – from other popular Ancient Egypt games?

This is a modern twist on an Egyptian theme. You recognise the proven Egyptian theme and then you notice stylistically a modern twist. This makes the game very exiting from the base all the way through free spins.

Q: What do you think is Wild Gods of Egypt’s unique selling point? Why will players want to play it versus any other slot title?

Wild Gods has depth which keeps players entertained. My personal favourite part of the game is the flaming wilds in the base game. It almost feels like a free spins event in itself. The way this feature is delivered makes it a dramatic event which always excites.

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Q: In the game if you make it to the free spins round you’ll get a choice between two types of wild. How important is allowing players to make choices in online slot games? Do you think that players expect slot games to offer more non-linear game ‘customisation’ like this nowadays?

This is where the depth of the game design and in particular the game maths play a huge part. Players are becoming more demanding and offering choice allows the player more interaction. Everyone will have their own personal preference as to which feature they will keep going back to. In the meantime, flaming wilds in the base game are sure to keep players excited and entertained.

Q: Wild Gods of Egypt is a highly volatile game. Do you believe that higher variance games are becoming more popular as players seek bigger thrills?

The game variance certainly makes the game more exciting. As a player you never quite know what you are going to get. The features are really exciting but when you get several exciting features in a row you see the true potential.

Q: What size of a team develops a slot game like Wild Gods of Egypt? How long was the game in development for?

Each game typically takes 8 months to develop, although this varies dependent on game complexity. Lots of team members play a part in developing a game from game designers, maths designer, software developers through to project management and testing of the final product. It’s a huge team effort which needs carefully orchestrating.

Q: What sort of feedback did you receive while playtesting the game?

First of all players feel at home because of the tried and trusted theme, however the stylistic changes offer something new and fresh. Feedback showed us that flaming wilds in the base was the part of the game which really captured the players’ imagination.

Q: What does Live 5 Gaming do better in its games than its competitors?

I believe we listen to our partners and deliver a very good fit product. Understanding the requirements and target audience is key for Live 5.

Q: What’s next for Live 5 Gaming in 2020?

Great content and bigger distribution! We are seeing our content go live much wider and much faster than ever before. This is great news for us as it demonstrates the progress we are making in delivering top performing content.

Q: Where can slot players play Wild Gods of Egypt?

Wild Gods is currently available on Sky Vegas followed by SG Digital partners from mid-November. We have seen a huge amount of demand and expect Wild Gods to be one of our biggest performers this year.