Lottoland Jackpot Record Smashed with €90m Payout To Winner

Lottoland Jackpot Record Smashed with €90m Payout To Winner

Online lottery provider Lottoland has granted millions of euros since its founding in 2013. None have come close to a record-setting jackpot from earlier this month.

On 1 June, A 36-year-old German woman only publically identified as Christina cashed in a €90m payout from Eurojackpot by playing via Lottloand, a top online lottery site. The massive jackpot towered over the previous Lottloand payout of €14m in 2016.

It’s believed to be the largest payout in history from an online gaming company. Lottoland officials said it was a groundbreaking development for the industry, according to a quote from CEO Nigel Birrell in The Daily Mirror.

“This is a landmark moment for the online gaming industry. More and more players from around the world are waking up to the fact that they can bet on the biggest jackpots the world has to offer at Lottoland.”

Winner’s Plans

Christina took home a life-changing win after only two weeks playing with Lottoland. She won €8.62 euro on her first bet. She then asked her mother to pick the numbers for her second go. The lucky numbers were 14,19,21,30 and 32 with 4 and 7 as the Euro numbers. Clearly, Mum had the lucky touch.

“She must be one of the luckiest Lottoland players on record as she only signed up to Lotto-land two weeks ago via her mobile, she won EURO8.60 on her first bet and then the life-changing jackpot the following week,” a Lottoland official said according to an article from the Gibralter Chronicle.

With her winnings, Christina told the mirror she had quit her job and plans to take a cross-country trip across the United States in a camper. According to the Chronicle, the trip will be topped by a Backstreet Boys concert.

But first, Christina will need to get a drivers license, something she couldn’t afford before the jackpot. Appropriately, she plans to also help her mum retire and join her on the journey across the U.S.

Lottoland Business Model Provides Huge Win

Christina is the largest beneficiary of a novel approach to the lottery. Companies like Lottoland aren’t actually lotteries. Instead, its customers wager on the outcome of lottery draws, also known as lottery betting.

This distinction means that instead of heading to the corner store to pick up a ticket from the games offered in their country, players from around the world can place a bet on a number of the globe’s most popular games. Along with Eurojackpot, which Christina took a punt on, players can bet on some of the other huge lotteries from around the world including the PowerBall, Mega Millions and EuroMillionaire.

This system opens up gaming opportunities for more players than ever. It’s also been a successful model for Lottoland, especially after a few shrewd moves. Chief among them was an insurance-linked securities policy to cover winnings up to €120. That means Lottoland’s insurer will have to help pay out a significant portion of that payout.

Lottoland has also created its own insurance company to help mitigate risk, meaning the company will continue to operate without a major hit to its bottom line. The headline-grabbing win is also a big publicity boost for Lottoland, meaning even more players are expected to start placing their bets. The company already has more than eight million customers worldwide.