Marvel Villain Tom Hiddleston Favored as Next James Bond

Marvel Villain Tom Hiddleston Favored as Next James Bond

Bond. James Bond. Famous words starting with Sean Connery and trickling down to Daniel Craig, the iconic British Secret Service agent needs a new actor for portrayal.

New odds are out! Yes, you can bet on the next James Bond actor which isn't too much of a surprise considering the success betting had at this year's Oscars.

Daniel Craig is giving up his mantle as the martini-loving spy, but to who? Oddsmakers still like Tom Hiddleston.

From Villain to Hero?

Hiddleston is mostly known for his work within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), playing the mischievous brother to Thor - Loki.

Despite being known for villainous roles, Hiddleston has actually been the favorite since October of last year.

His American odds are currently set at +200 according to William Hill, which is just above a 30 percent chance.

Why not Hiddleston? He's handsome, suave and has experience in action movies.

It seems the only way Hiddleston wouldn't land the James Bond role is if he is either typecasted into a villain, or, Everything Or Nothing (EON) producers like another actor.

Murphy Maybe?

Cillian Murphy has jumped up to the second-best odds, leading many to believe he will actually take over the 007 mantle.

Murphy originally had the sixth-best odds to play James Bond back in October. The recent jump to +300, which is a 25 percent chance, has many fans wondering if Murphy is next in line.

Murphy may experience the same setback as Hiddleston though, as he is known for brutally villainous roles.

He starred as a villain in movies such as Batman Begins and Red Eye, while also playing a cutthroat gangster in Netflix's Peaky Blinders.

Despite not being a villain in Christopher Nolan's Inception, his character was still viewed as an antagonist to some degree.

Murphy does, however, have the experience portraying characters involved in lots of action and fight sequences.

He is also very popular among the female demographic, much like Hiddleston.

Not Known? Not a Problem

Hiddleston and Murphy do have a common trait working against them, however, and that's their status in the film industry.

Going off the track record since the early '60s, EON has generally stayed away from picking well-known actors.

Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, and George Lazenby are some examples of actors whose career launched after they played the 007 role.

Even Pierce Brosnan wasn't relatively popular when the studio selected him to play 007 in 1995 (even though they considered him in the '80s before giving the role to Timothy Dalton).

The biggest surprise from the updated odds is the leap that both Richard Madden and James Norton took, now favored ahead of both Tom Hardy and Idris Elba.

Madden, mostly known as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, currently sits at the same odds Murphy has (+300).

This is quite alarming as Madden wasn't even considered in October, even seeing co-star Kit Harrington with better odds.

James Norton's leap to the fourth-best odds isn't as big of a surprise, only moving up three spots from his October probability.

Other 007 Contenders?

There are quite a few dark horses listed in the new odds, beginning with Aidan Turner who starred in The Hobbit movies.

Jack Huston is also a sleeper pick, starring in the Ben-Hur remake.

Rami Malek just won an Academy Award for his work in Bohemian Rhapsody, so he might be a good pick with +800 odds.

Tom Hardy at +600 seems like a solid bet too, but the actor's work schedule is demanding at the moment.

Hardy recently signed a multi-movie deal to play Venom and also has contractual obligations for the Mad Max franchise.

Playing James Bond on top of two other franchise-carrying characters would be burdensome, to say the least.

Elba the Best Bond?

Idris Elba, despite claiming he doesn't want to play the role, is still the best option on the entire list - even if he doesn't win.

Elba's acting style is the perfect match for a character like James Bond. 007 is a very methodical and confident character - which are two traits that Elba portrays very well in his roles.

Elba was also named PEOPLE'S 2018 Sexiest Man Alive winner, having the highest appeal of anyone on the new odds list for female audiences.

His chances of landing the role are still pretty good considering his announcement of not wanting to play the character.

Paddy Power actually took Elba off the list in August, but his name appearing in William Hill's odds leaves hope that he could land the role.

He currently sits at +500 odds, which is roughly a 16 percent chance.

Despite who EON chooses to portray the tuxedo-wearing man of mystery, any of the names William Hill has listed should do a fantastic job with the role.

Other Notables

There is actually a long list of actors considered for the role, many of which are well-known long shots.