The Most Expensive Replica Jerseys in World Sport

The Most Expensive Replica Jerseys in World Sport
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It can be difficult to determine which sports team’s jerseys are the most expensive, but at we've crunched the numbers to work out who charges the most and who asks for the least across the world's most popular leagues.  

To establish this, we looked at the 162 teams across the Premier League, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and Australian Football League, averaging the current cost of their home shirt in men’s, women’s and youth sizes.

Not every side in baseball, ice hockey or basketball has an option for the latter two categories though, while some teams only provide special edition or alternate shirts for women, for instance. 

But among the teams that do provide a standard home option for both sexes of adult and kids, the Denver Broncos came out on top of the pile, with their average cost being £104.54.

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Before members of Broncos Country get too irate, they are only the most expensive of the teams who offer replica jerseys in all categories.

NHL side Florida Panthers actually work out the most expensive overall, but that's down to the fact they don't offer replicas for kids so their average is therefore based on the price of their men's and women's offerings.

Below, we break down the averages and work out where the best value for money lies in the replica shirt industry.

Men's Shirts

If we focus purely on men’s shirts, as every team has those, then it’s fans of Tottenham Hotspur who are asked to splash out the most to dress like their heroes. 

As with many Premier League teams, Spurs have two types of home shirt, and though clubs brand them slightly differently, they are essentially ‘elite’ (a true version of what the players wear) and ‘stadium’ (a more standard replica). Tottenham’s elite shirt for 2022/23 comes in at a cool £115.00.

They aren’t alone in breaking the £100.00 barrier either. There are six other teams that do, albeit two of them (San Jose Sharks and Miami Dolphins) offer a limited edition/anniversary shirt as their standard option. 

Most Expensive Men's Replica Shirts

1San Jose SharksNHL£120.6130th Anniversary Jersey
2Miami DolphinsNFL£120.00Limited Edition
3TottenhamPremier League£115.00Elite Shirt
4ChelseaPremier League£114.95Vapor Shirt
5Aston VillaPremier League£110.00Pro Shirt
6Denver BroncosNFL£106.61Game Shirt
7NewcastlePremier League£105.00Pro Shirt

Newcastle are perhaps the most interesting of the above teams as their elite shirt is also available in youth sizes, at a cost of £95.00, when other sides only offer that option for adults. More clubs will no doubt follow their lead in due course. 

Most Expensive Sport

Fans of ice hockey are charged the most on average to wear the home shirts of their beloved team. This is entirely thanks to their adult jerseys as the NHL shirts in youth sizes (which are available for 26 of the 32 teams) are the second cheapest on average across the six sports in our study.

RankLeagueAverage Men's Shirt CostAverage Women's Shirt CostAverage Youth Shirt CostOverall Average
5Premier League£76.65£69.68£51.73£65.42

Unfortunately for adult NHL supporters, there isn’t a home shirt for either men or women which costs less than £100. No fan is going to switch team or even sport based on shirt price, of course, but ice hockey is the only one of the six leagues where no adult home jersey is below that price benchmark.

As the above table shows, the second most expensive shirts belong in American Football. However, every replica jersey comes with a player’s name and number as standard, and the NFL might be further down the standings if that were the case in the other sports. 

Below, we've ranked all 32 NFL franchises in order of the most expensive average replica shirt price, with the Washington Commanders charging the least by some distance. 


Average Price And Battle Of The Sexes

The average cost of a home shirt for a team across six major sports is a remarkable £80.58. For many supporters, dressing the part in the shirt of their heroes is an integral aspect of their match day experience, be that cheering their side on from the stands, watching the game at a bar, or even simply enjoying the action at home. It is not cheap to be so committed to your club of choice.

The disappointing news for female sports fans is that their shirts cost more on average than the standard versions for their male counterparts, though many teams only offer special, anniversary or limited-edition jerseys for women. 

Nonetheless, the average cost of a replica shirt is £10.76 more for women than it is for men. Another way to highlight the issue would be to note that where only seven teams have shirts which cost more than £100.00 in the male section, that total stands at 56 (or over a third of our sample) for women. Fewer teams carry their shirts than youth sizes too.

Best Value Sports And Teams

As alluded to above, the Australian Football League has the cheapest home shirts, though they are guernseys (sleeveless) in that sport. They also have the shortest margin between the cheapest and most expensive average too, with the gap a relatively narrow £15.24. Even their most expensive standard guernseys only cost a relatively kind £71.44, which is far below the prices charged in other sports.

The best value shirts for any of the 162 teams perhaps surprisingly resides in the Premier League though, and they provide good value in two senses. Unlike most clubs who change their strip every year, Brentford will be using the same home shirt for both the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons. 

What’s more, at £49.00 for adults and £38.00 for youth sizes, it’s also the most cost-effective offering in the six sports we have investigated.

RankTeamMens ShirtWomens ShirtYouth ShirtAverage cost of EPL Jersey
1Aston Villa£110.00£110.00£50.00£90.00
T3Manchester Utd£100.00£100.00£50.00£83.33
9Manchester City£70.00£70.00£55.00£65.00
11West Ham£65.00£65.00£55.00£61.67
13Nottingham Forest£59.50£59.50£45.00£54.67
T15Crystal Palace£55.00£55.00£45.00£51.67

*Leeds' new shirt is not yet on sale so league average prices have been applied

Most Expensive Sports Jerseys

To finish, here’s a breakdown of the 50 most expensive team jerseys.

Rank League Team Mens Shirt Cost Womens Shirt Cost Youth Shirt Cost Average Shirt Cost
1 NHL Florida Panthers £100.00 £195.00 N/A £147.50
2 NHL Edmonton Oilers £100.00 £166.61 N/A £133.31
3 NHL Carolina Hurricanes £100.00 £161.61 N/A £130.81
4 NHL Seattle Kraken £100.00 £195.00 £48.00 £114.33
5 NBA Memphis Grizzlies £94.95 £123.00 N/A £108.98
6 NHL Nashville Predators £100.00 £161.61 £65.00 £108.87
7 NHL Philadelphia Flyers £100.00 £166.61 £48.00 £104.87
8 NFL Denver Broncos £106.61 £117.00 £90.00 £104.54
9 NHL Vegas Golden Knights £100.00 £161.61 £48.00 £103.20
10 NFL Kansas City Chiefs £90.00 £131.00 £85.00 £102.00
11 NBA New York Knicks £79.95 £121.61 N/A £100.78
12 NFL Chicago Bears £90.00 £122.00 £90.00 £100.67
T13 NHL Detroit Red Wings £100.00 £100.00 N/A £100.00
T13 NHL Montreal Canadiens £100.00 £100.00 N/A £100.00
T13 NHL Vancouver Canucks £100.00 N/A N/A £100.00
16 NFL Buffalo Bills £90.00 £122.00 £85.00 £99.00
17 MLB Cleveland Guardians £95.00 £102.00 N/A £98.50
18 MLB San Francisco Giants £95.00 £107.00 £89.00 £97.00
19 NHL Buffalo Sabres £100.00 £141.61 £48.00 £96.54
T20 NFL Carolina Panthers £90.00 £106.61 £90.00 £95.54
T20 NFL Las Vegas Raiders £90.00 £106.61 £90.00 £95.54
T20 NFL Philadelphia Eagles £90.00 £106.61 £90.00 £95.54
T20 NFL Tennessee Titans £90.00 £106.61 £90.00 £95.54
T24 NHL Dallas Stars £100.00 £137.61 £48.00 £95.20
T24 NHL New York Islanders £100.00 £137.61 £48.00 £95.20
T24 NHL San Jose Sharks £120.61 £100.00 £65.00 £95.20
T27 NFL Los Angeles Chargers £90.00 £105.00 £90.00 £95.00
T27 NFL Miami Dolphins £120.00 £105.00 £60.00 £95.00
T27 NFL New Orleans Saints £90.00 £105.00 £90.00 £95.00
T30 NHL Anaheim Ducks £100.00 £100.00 £83.61 £94.54
T30 MLB Baltimore Orioles £95.00 £99.61 £89.00 £94.54
32 MLB Atlanta Braves £95.00 £80.61 £107.00 £94.20
33 NHL Arizona Coyotes £100.00 £129.61 £52.00 £93.87
34 NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers £90.00 £90.00 £101.00 £93.67
35 NHL Columbus Blue Jackets £100.00 £130.61 £48.00 £92.87
36 NFL Dallas Cowboys £90.00 £128.00 £60.00 £92.67
T37 NHL Colorado Avalanche £100.00 £129.61 £48.00 £92.54
T37 NHL New Jersey Devils £100.00 £129.61 £48.00 £92.54
T37 NHL New York Rangers £100.00 £129.61 £48.00 £92.54
T37 NHL St. Louis Blues £100.00 £129.61 £48.00 £92.54
T37 NHL Tampa Bay Lightning £100.00 £129.61 £48.00 £92.54
T37 NHL Toronto Maple Leafs £100.00 £129.61 £48.00 £92.54
T37 NHL Washington Capitals £100.00 £129.61 £48.00 £92.54
44 NBA Boston Celtics £79.95 £121.61 £74.95 £92.17
45 NFL New York Jets £90.00 £94.00 £90.00 £91.33
46 MLB San Diego Padres £95.00 £89.61 £89.00 £91.20
47 MLB Washington Nationals £95.00 £108.00 £70.00 £91.00
48 NHL Calgary Flames £100.00 N/A £81.61 £90.81
49 NHL Winnipeg Jets £100.00 £123.61 £48.00 £90.54
50 MLB Cincinnati Reds £95.00 £99.61 £76.00 £90.20

With 26 of the 32 National Hockey League teams included, there’s no doubt that ice hockey is the most expensive sport to follow if you want to dress in the home shirt of the team for whom you root. 

Data compiled in the UK in June and July 2022, with currencies calculated using exchange rates at the time. The most expensive replica jersey available online for men, women and children in each club store has been applied in each category.