Mr Green and NetEnt Taking Live Gaming to Next Level

Mr Green and NetEnt Taking Live Gaming to Next Level

The year 2018 was always going to be exciting for online casino gamers, given the rate of technological progress witnessed during 2017. Indeed, it's becoming a real case of Moore's law combined with Back to the Future, with the rate of advancement by brands like Mr Green and NetEnt really making the gaming industry take notice.

Recently, at the annual ICE Totally Gaming exhibition, the two gambling companies revealed an exciting new business link-up, which is going to take online 3D live casino gaming to the next level. The new partnership will see Mr Green's live gaming portal feature advanced blue screen technology sure to wow it's visitors.

Mr Green Reveals 3D Virtual Casino Features

In today's highly competitive online casino world, it pays for a company to move with the times. This a strategy that Mr Green casino has employed to notable success during the last few years of its growth. Most gambling industry analysts suggest that the brand has one of the most technologically advanced online casino products, in addition to constantly innovating the member experience.

In 2017, Mr Green created a predictive gaming tool, designed in association with Sustainable Interaction, to help gamers actively reduce their risk of problem gambling. Through analysis of a completed user survey, the tool is able to update players on their risk level, via a user-friendly dashboard.

Following on from the tool's success, the latest innovation is the progression of the brand’s live 3D gaming lounge product, created in association with Net Entertainment, who remain one of the pioneers of modern gaming technology. Thanks to advanced blue screen technology, Mr Green is now installed with real life moving background features, creating gaming lounges that the site's members can explore in real time.

It's a real breakthrough for the Swedish-based Mr Green, and many are describing it as a whole new standard of live casino gaming for players. NetEnt's digitised kit is guaranteed to see the paradigm change in terms of what leading live casinos need to offer to keep up with player expectations.

In the case of Mr Green, that means players can beam into the brand's real penthouse in Los Angeles and walk into the 3D multi-table casino lounge, which is packed with live dealers and casino tables that include Auto Roulette and High Roller Blackjack. The 3D environment offers high-quality stereo sounds and classy video angle footage for unrivalled realism and an emotional experience that gets ever closer to 'the real thing'.

Excitement for the New 3D Gaming

Mr Green and NetEnt were excited to unveil their new 3D casino gaming innovations at this year's ICE Totally Gaming exhibition, and the comments from company representatives were very upbeat. Henrik Fagerlund, the Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, explained that the development with Mr Green creates something that gets authentically closer to the feeling of walking into a land-based casino:

“The latest addition to our Live portfolio was created so we were able to provide a more immersive setting and to break down the physical constraints to create, what we call, a larger-than-life experience.”

He went on to reveal that the ethos of NetEnt is to always look to the future and take online casinos to new levels of sophistication and player entertainment:

“We are constantly looking to push the boundaries of technological advances in the live casino world, and this breakthrough can help propel not only NetEnt, but operators in reaching new heights.”

Mr Green was just as positive, with the brand's CEO, Per Norman revealing that the brand feels the 3D progression puts it at the cutting-edge of online casino gaming:

“Taking live casino to a new experience is a proof point of NetEnt’s technology leadership in the gaming industry. NetEnt and Mr Green share the same view on innovation and creativity as key drivers to offer a superior gaming experience. It’s inspiring and promising to see the outcome of our joint efforts in bringing revolutionary new dimensions to online gaming.”

Now that Mr Green's new 3D casino concept is live and getting excellent gaming numbers, we can expect the rest of the online world to create equally progressive live gaming lounges. Of course, following the concept of Moore's Law (The theory that the number of transistors in a computer chip doubles approximately every two years), Mr Green will no doubt be looking to evolve again in the near future. One day soon we can no doubt expect to see amazingly realistic 3D virtual reality casino lounges.

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