PointsBet Pays Harden MVP Bettors Four Months Early

PointsBet Pays Harden MVP Bettors Four Months Early

Since arriving on the New Jersey online sports betting scene, PointsBet has been relentless in trying to become noticed.

Their most recent move saw the Australian-founded sportsbook pay bettors who took James Harden as the NBA's Most Valuable Player (MVP).

PointsBet Pays Early

The official award announcement for basketball's top player won't be until four months from now, but PointsBet paid Harden bettors after a ridiculous shot made on Sunday afternoon.

James Harden made a tough step-back jumper over both Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum, prompting PointsBet to take advantage of an opportunity to get noticed. Harden finished the game with 42 points.

Why Pay Early?

The main reason this was done was to get attention, as PointsBet is playing from behind the field.

They arrived after most New Jersey online sportsbooks had already been established, promoting and executing many marketing strategies since.

Both Allen Iverson and Darrelle Revis signed deals with PointsBet, acting as the brand ambassadors for different regions. They also signed a partnership agreement with popular golf and entertainment venue TopGolf.

More recently, PointsBet made a huge move in revealing an EML card for account holders. With many federally regulated banks causing issues for online sportsbook deposits, PointsBet created a card to go around the banks.

The EML card acts as a debit card, as PointsBet customers can easily deposit money onto the card without having bank issues.

The EML card can also withdraw cash from an ATM machine or even be used to purchase everyday items such as groceries (anywhere that accepts MasterCard).

With the big news that PointsBet is paying Harden MVP bettors early, this is just another marketing move for PointsBet to win over existing and new customers.

There's More

PointsBet didn't stop with Harden. Actually, they didn't start with Harden either. PointsBet was planning on paying Alliance of American Football (AAF) bettors early as well.

On social media, PointsBet revealed they were going to pay anyone who bet on a team that scored 14 unanswered points. It didn't matter if your team won or lost, but if they scored 14 straight points then you would make money.

Finally, in another attempt to market customers PointsBet put a 'Price Freeze' on the Philadelphia Phillies' World Series odds.

While many sportsbooks saw Philadelphia's odds increase once Bryce Harper signed with the Phillies, PointsBet froze their odds.

This move allows any Philadelphia believer a better payout than other sportsbooks will offer. With the PointsBet odds freezing, it guarantees that they have the best odds for anyone who wants to bet on the Phillies winning it all.

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