Raising the Bar: UEFA’s Growth of Women’s Football

Raising the Bar: UEFA’s Growth of Women’s Football

By Contributor | July 19th, 2017

When it comes to women’s football, the bar is now constantly being raised. Gambling.com's "Raising the Bar" takes a look at the overall growth of women’s football among UEFA-registered nations through participation, investment, infrastructure and tournament size. The following article breaks down what all is in the detailed report and what it means for women's football moving forward!

Overview of "Raising the Bar" Report

Football is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, whether it’s watching the games at the stadium or at the pub, or participating in them on a Saturday afternoon. It brings people together, no matter where they are from or what they do. And while men's football draws in more viewers per year overall, thousands of dedicated women's football advocates have been working very hard to close the gap.

Within five years, the budget has doubled and there are 1.5 times as many people dedicated to facilitating the sport than there were back then. Statistics also show that in 2017 the number of registered female players within UEFA nations has increased in fourfold compared to 1985, reaching a historical high of 1,270,481 players. Women’s football is more popular than ever. With the help of lots of numbers and data, Raising the Bar is here to show us how far women’s football has come in the last couple of years and/or decades.

It’s the type of statistics that are given above that you’ll find all across the site, neatly presented in clearly structured tables and graphs. The data mainly focuses on UEFA-registered nations, which include countries such as Germany, Norway, Sweden, England and the Netherlands, and occasionally compares them to other countries in the world, such as the United States, China and Brazil.

Breaking Down Each Section

The information has been divided into four categories: engagement, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euros and Players.

UEFA's Engagement

The engagement section contains data on registered players, league growth, budgets, committees and (female) employment. Did you know there are twice as many football academies for women across UEFA nations than there were in 2013? Or that nearly half as many women are progressing into managerial positions or higher? It’s facts like these you’ll find in the engagement section.

Major Tournaments

The next two categories are all about the two biggest international tournaments within women’s football – and possibly men’s football as well. You’ll find that these events are getting significantly bigger. For example, a new record of 24 participating teams was set during the World Cup of 2015, while two years later a European high was set by 16 participating countries.

The inclusion of more and more countries naturally led to more attendees and viewers as well. This growing interest is confirmed by the fact that in many countries the 2017 Women’s European Championships has been one of the first women’s football events to be broadcast on one of the main channels. Other information within the two tournament categories includes the performance of the participating countries.

How are the teams progressing compared to previous years? Is the team getting stronger? How much do they score on average? And how do they perform compared to other teams? Are there certain teams to look out for? You can easily weigh up the different teams to each other by selecting multiple countries to be included in the graph. Needless to say, this is the type of information to make every sports betting enthusiast happy.

The Players

If you’d like to dig a little deeper, we’d recommend having a browse through the players section, too. This section contains data on Euro goal scorers, golden players and golden boot winners, nicely ranked by the amount of goals scored, name or country. It also gives you the option to compare top scorers such as Heidi Mohr and Carolina Morace to each other, based on appearances, goals or wins/losses. Very handy if you’re trying to predict which player is going to hit the net the most this year.

Moving Forward

While the question remains if women’s football is ever going to be as popular as the male version of the sport, many of us are delighted to see that the gap is finally starting to close a little. If you’re looking get in on the action before it gets too main stream, many of our recommended bookmakers already offer a couple of interesting women’s football markets to explore. For those already delving into the report, enjoy the extensive research, data and analysis Gambling.com has put together for you with "Raising the Bar". Here’s to the future!

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