Real Life Roulette Tables Now Featured During Online Play

Real Life Roulette Tables Now Featured During Online Play

Live casino games used to only feature real life dealers and tables in a video studio streamed directly to desktops and mobile devices but not anymore. An online casino based in the US recently unveiled Live Casino Floor Roulette, a game providing access to live roulette tables and players while playing online.

Golden Nugget Leads with Innovation

As online gambling continues to grow as an industry and increase in profit and popularity, Golden Nugget Casino in New Jersey has established itself as an innovator amongst the top online casinos. Live dealer games have been part of the company’s offerings since 2016 but never before did they offer access to actual live roulette tables in brick and mortar casinos featuring players.

An overhead camera follows the action as players place their wagers on the virtual felt platform and watch as camera follows and zooms in on the wheel to reveal their fortunes. This immersion is coupled with the ability of online players to watch other betters in action celebrating wins and watch their live dealers swipe chips off the table, spin the wheel and count up winnings.

Online Roulette Offers Advantages

The whole production makes for one of the best and most authentic online live casino experiences available on the market and gives players a real sense of actually being their. But playing roulette online now doesn’t just include experiencing the real-life action from anywhere in the world, there’s certainly added advantages to gaming online on general as opposed to a casino.

Winnings are paid out immediately, so there’s no waiting in line to cash in chips. Also, rather than the higher minimums often offered at casinos, players can buy in to Live Casino Floor Roulette with just one dollar per spin. Players can also rebet and double their previous bet with the simplicity of a mouse click.

Players can also lower the volume when playing online if the noises become abrasive. The Live Casino Floor Roulette game is operational and ready to take bets all week running from the afternoon until late into the night for those who like to keep the party going into afterhours and beyond.

The ground-breaking games run Monday through Wednesday from 2 pm to 3 am EST and 12 pm to 3 am EST on Thursday through Sunday. While tablets do not yet provide access to the game, its available on any laptop or other computer as well as Android and other iOS powered smartphone devices for access on the go.

Slots Also Hot for Golden Nugget

The fun doesn’t have to stop with online roulette as Golden Nugget’s online video slots options have been yielding some exciting results as recently as St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Online slots have have built up a solid base of fans which leads to big, exciting progressive jackpots.

One game, Divine Fortune, payed out some divine jackpots over the holiday weekend with three players taking home a combined $190,000 in prize money. Roseanne scored $115,705 Robert won $50,734 and Chris secured $22,902 all by letting the reels spin in the comfort of their own homes thanks to online slot gaming.

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Casino Remains Industry Leader

As a leader in online gaming, there’s plenty to be offered by Golden Nugget as it establishes itself as a leader in the online gambling industry both in terms of innovation and financial growth. Golden Nugget racked up $7 million in revenue in the first month of 2018 to go with $68.5 million in total revenue in 2017 which was a 62.3 percent increase from 2016.