Should You Play the Lotto in 2017? UK National Lottery Breaks Record for Winning Tickets in 2016

Should You Play the Lotto in 2017? UK National Lottery Breaks Record for Winning Tickets in 2016

While many were glad to see the back of 2016, viewed as a year of celebrity deaths and political despair, there were a record number of lottery players for whom 2016 was the year they became instant millionaires. The UK National Lottery actually reported its highest number of winning tickets ever in 2016!

UK National Lottery Breaks Record for Winnings Tickets in 2016

The UK National Lottery operator Camelot revealed that in 2016, 347 individuals managed to scoop prizes of £1 million or more – six more than in the previous year. None were more surprised by this than Camelot itself, as the company made a significant change to the way the lottery works at the tail end of 2015.

It increased the number of balls from 49 to 59, meaning that the odds of winning a jackpot decreased exponentially. Yet not only did more people win the lottery in 2016, but the total number of winning jackpot totals increased to a whopping £862 million.

In total last year, players have earned £4.19 billion in prizes, while also raising £1.9 billion for National Lottery charity projects. Since its inception in November 1994, the UK National Lottery has handed out over £36 billion to over 500,000 good causes and projects.

What Are Your Odds of Buying a Winning Ticket?

Before October 2015, the odds of winning the lottery jackpot were 1 in 14 million. However, when the 10 additional balls were added to the game, this increased dramatically to 1 in 45 million. It also increased the odds of the lower prizes as well:

  • Six Numbers (Jackpot) = 1 in 45 million
  • Five Numbers + Bonus Ball = 1 in 7.5 million
  • Five Numbers = 1 in 145,000
  • Four Numbers = 1 in 2,180
  • Three Numbers = 1 in 96
  • Two Numbers = 1 in 10

The lowest win with two numbers is an automatic re-entry into the following National Lottery draw. These odds take into account the Millionaire Raffle, with each ticket given a series of codes. Should one of these codes match the one picked, the player will become an instant millionaire.

The UK National Lottery also operates Lotto Hotpicks, which uses the same numbers as the main lotto draw. Players can win cash with just one correct number, with significantly lower odds:

  • One Number = 1 in 10 (prize of £6)
  • Two Numbers = 1 in 115 (prize of £60)
  • Three Numbers = 1 in 1,626 (prize of £800)
  • Four Numbers = 1 in 30,342 (prize of £13,000)
  • Five Numbers = 1 in 834,398 (prize of £350,000)

One of the advantages of Lotto Hotpicks is that it offers bigger prizes for successfully guessing fewer numbers, which means there is less risk for a cash prize. However, those hoping to win millions will need to play the main lottery game.

Claiming Online Lottery Winnings

To play the UK National Lottery online, players will need to first register an account, and then fund it with either a debit card payment or direct debit. Players can choose how frequently their numbers should be played, and on which specific draws. If a player wins a prize of up to and including £500, the funds will be paid back into their National Lottery account, which can be withdrawn into a bank account.

If a prize is won between £500 and £30,000, players will have to first log in and confirm where the payment is to be sent, ie the debit card used to make the payment, before the money is paid out. For winnings between £30,000 and £50,000, players will need to call the UK National Lottery’s Customer Care Team in order to claim the prize, which will be issued as a cheque.

Should players be so lucky as to strike it rich with winnings of over £50,000, then these must be claimed in person. Players can arrange how and when to visit the Camelot offices to claim their prize. Players also have the option to play the UK National Lottery through other lottery websites. For more info on claming your lottery winnings, check out our guide!

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