Tories Face Mass EU Elections Defeat As Brexit Party Surge

Tories Face Mass EU Elections Defeat As Brexit Party Surge

The Conservatives face humiliation at next month’s EU elections as the country’s governing party yet again falters over Brexit.

Tory voters are expected to be put off in their droves over the Conservatives’ handling of the country leaving the EU.

Not only will plenty of Brexiteers — who make up a sizeable chunk of the Tory Party — not vote in the elections, but Conservative remainers seem to be jumping ship too.

And while UK politics is dominated by a two-party system in Westminster, there is a different party currently replacing the Tories when it comes to the battle over Europe.

Labour vs Brexit Party

The UK heads to the polls on May 23 to vote for the new European parliament — and we’re set for a dust-up between Labour and the Nigel Farage-led Brexit Party.

The decision to hold the vote has proved controversial, with many Brexit supporters demanding the country leaves the EU before the polls open — deal or no deal.

But the UK must stage the election as part of Prime Minister Theresa May’s negotiated extension to Article 50 until October 31.

And it looks right now as though the Tories are set for annihilation at the voting booths.

Labour are way ahead in a recent YouGov poll on 24 per cent, with the Tories on 16 per cent and the Brexit Party catching them on 15 per cent.

What does this mean for politics betting?

A number of UK bookmakers are preparing for the EU elections by placing Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party as the 4/7 favourites to secure the most UK seats.

Labour is expected to impress in the election as Mr Corbyn tries to keep fingers in both pies of the Brexit debate.

He is ready to leave Europe to appease those who voted for it, while he is also open to the idea of a second referendum.

Corbyn’s party is in talks with the Conservatives over a possible agreement on a withdrawal deal, with those discussions set to run through Easter.

But Mr Corbyn has dampened hope of an agreement, saying on Tuesday: “The government doesn’t appear to be shifting the red lines because they’ve got a big pressure in the Tory party that actually wants to turn this country into a deregulated low-tax society which will do a deal with (America’s Donald) Trump. I don’t want to do that.”

By trying to appeal to both sides of the Brexit divide, Mr Corbyn is hoping for a resounding EU election victory for his Labour members. And that would aid his call for there to be a new UK general election.

There really is no incentive right now for him agree to anything the Tories propose.

The Brexit Party is gaining support

But Conservative leave voters who do not want to back Labour have another option than to vote blue.

The Brexit Party is already making huge strides heading into the EU elections, with some politics betting traders pricing them as low as 7/5 to win the most EU seats from the UK.

Political pundits are amazed a party, which was only formed in January, has done so well so soon. But it highlights just how much popularity Farage and co’s idea of ‘disrupt the EU from within’ has among voters.

Because that’s The Brexit Party’s aim: Get elected and make life difficult for the other EU states.

Discussing next month’s vote, Mr Farage said on Tuesday: "I think you're all going to be very surprised about what happens on May 23. It will be a new future for British Democracy, and goodness me it's needed.”

Not enough push for Change UK

Meanwhile, the newest political party in the halls of Westminster, Change UK, are predicted to be overlooked by voters.

The handful of former Labour and Tory MPs have made their voice heard in recent weeks and generally oppose Brexit. But can they realistically take seats off Labour or the Liberal Democrats (the only whole-hearted pro-remain party in the UK)?

After a strong start in which they were 14/1 to earn the most seats, Change UK has drifted out to as far as 20/1 with bookmakers. That puts them on par with UKIP, who have been cut adrift politically after Mr Farage started up The Brexit Party.

Change UK already have two former Tory MEPs — Julie Girling and Richard Ashworth — running for them in this election. And the party have received 3,700 applicants who want to stand for them on May 23.

Yet Labour still appear to be swallowing that second referendum vote, meaning the UK is set for a two-horse race at these EU elections.

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