US Store Owner Sells Second Winning Lottery Ticket, the Winner's Third Jackpot

US Store Owner Sells Second Winning Lottery Ticket, the Winner's Third Jackpot

By Contributor | January 21st, 2016

This article has two very interesting storylines: 1.) an American store owner in the state of New Jersey has sold TWO different jackpot winning lottery tickets, 2.) the winner of the second jackpot was accepting his THIRD check for winning a lottery jackpot.

Luck Strikes Local Store Twice

19 January 2016 was a unique day for New Jersey's Wine O'Land store owner Sarath Mamdapadi as he spent the morning preparing for his second major press conference in as many years. The press conference had nothing to do with Mamdapadi personally or his store for that matter, but was being held for Mike Ducker after he purchased a winning New Jersey Lottery ticket from Mamdapadi's store.

Major press surrounding a store that sold a winning jackpot ticket is all too common; January 2016, a store in California was mobbed with celebrating citizens after it was revealed that store sold one of the three winning tickets for Powerball's record $1.6 billion jackpot. But Wine O'Land's press conference was much different than most as it was there second of that nature in the last two years.

According to, back in July 2015, Wine O'Land, located in Howell, New Jersey, sold a Mega Millions ticket that eventually landed the $1 million jackpot. Less than a full year later, Wine O'Land owner Sarath Mamdapadi finds himself in a familiar situation as he handed out a check for the winning ticket of the New Jersey Lottery's $500 Frenzy Jackpot.

Most store owners receive a commission from the lottery played if they sell the winning ticket. Mamdapadi and his store collected a generous $5,000 commission from the New Jersey Lottery for his sale of the winning ticket.

Third Time's a Charm

Now let's get to the part of the story all the actual lottery players are most interested in. Sure, one store selling two winning lottery tickets is pretty eye-catching but the idea of some lucky punter taking home THREE jackpots playing the lottery is unfathomable to those who have played for years with little to nothing to show for it.

Mike Ducker has got to be one of the luckiest guys on the planet. Although 19 January 2016 was an extremely unique experience for Mamdapadi and Wine O'Land, it was far more unique for Ducker as it was the third time he accepted a massive check for winning a lottery draw. The third check Ducker recently accepted was the largest, a whopping $200,000 won playing New Jersey Lottery's $500 Frenzy Jackpot.

Prior to securing this life-changing jackpot, Ducker had won two other lottery draws. In 2013, Ducker began his lottery playing career buying tickets for New Jersey's 20X Cash scratch-off ticket. Decemeber 2013 saw Ducker take home his first lottery jackpot after winning the $20,000 jackpot connected to the 20X Cash draw. Surprisingly, Ducker continued to play the same game despite already conquering it once which turned out to be a phenomenal idea when just a few weeks later in January 2014, Ducker took home the $20,000 jackpot again!

Not Too Fast

Ducker's hot steak 'cooled off' for a bit but never ended as he had to wait more than a year to see his third winning ticket as opposed to the unheard of 'few weeks' between wins. But don't let Ducker's story fool you. Ducker might have admitted to collecting $300,000 in winnings over 2+ years of lottery play but also admitted to spending close to $150,000 on tickets to win that $300,000 meaning after taxes and fees, Ducker is much closer to breaking even than most had initially thought despite winning an unbelievable three jackpots.

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