Christian Pulisic Could Drive American Betting on the EPL

Christian Pulisic Could Drive American Betting on the EPL

While there will be many more transfers this summer, the one that most American soccer fans have been paying attention to has long since happened.

American superstar Christian Pulisic has arrived at Chelsea this week for the first time on the back of a £58/$73 million deal with Borussia Dortmund. Pulisic arrives at the club as it appears that current superstar winger Eden Hazard will be departing for Real Madrid.

Not that the Premier League needed more American attention, but there’s no denying that Americans were paying a lot more attention to the German Bundesliga than they might have otherwise. Now that attention will shift to England and Chelsea, a league Americans are a lot more familiar with.

Could Pulisic at Chelsea Drive American Betting?

Pulisic arrived at Chelsea at a new age for US sports fans. Everyone knows sports betting is spreading across the country, becoming more accessible to people who would otherwise not bother.

When you add a player that’s captured a massive country’s hopes at international success to a club that’s well known already in that country, you’re creating a perfect storm of attention for yourself. That attention will be felt across all levels of sports mediums, including soccer betting.

There will undoubtedly be overzealous bettors who jump on Chelsea this season on the back of America’s prodigal son. How well Chelsea performs in the early season will likely help determine if bettors will continue riding The Blues, but early going will likely see a lot more money than usual.

Of course, teams playing against Chelsea might see a boost of money from non-USA National Team fans, seeing that Pulisic will (likely) be stepping in for Eden Hazard, one of the best players in the world. Those bettors will likely want to see more from Chelsea before they go in on The Blues.

Despite that, it still will drive betting to a new level that hasn’t been seen by the US market yet. One obviously can’t count out the idea that American Premier League betting might increase this upcoming season simply due to accessibility for more people, but bringing in one of the biggest stars certainly won’t hurt.

For those keeping track at home, the odds on Chelsea at the time of writing are +2000 to win the Premier League, and Even to finish Top 4.

Pulisic’s Goals with Chelsea

Coming in, Pulisic knows that most people are considering him to be a replacement for Hazard, or compliment should the Belgian stay (not likely).

The 20-year-old, speaking with Goal, said he’s not trying to be Hazard, or anyone else for that matter.

"Eden's a fantastic player, we all know that. If I can get anywhere close to him, I'll be more than happy. But I'm coming in to be my own player. I expect a lot from myself, for me that’s enough.

He went on to talk about the kind of pressure US National fans will be putting on him, as well as Chelsea fans, saying “that's to be expected. I want to be successful, be part of this team and make an impact. They are my goals and to become the best player I can be.”

Pulisic will likely be Chelsea’s only transfer this summer, as the London side was hit with a transfer ban in February that the club has yet to get lifted. They’ll have to hope that Pulisic can help keep the club in the top 4 of the Premier League until the club is able to bring in new players in positions of need.

No pressure, then.

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