What Did We Learn From Betting on Love Island in 2018?

What Did We Learn From Betting on Love Island in 2018?

It’s over. We laughed, and cried, and raged as one, glorious nation and now the dust is settling after Love Island has finally finished. The favourites – in both public affection and betting market terms – won the final, and now many people have an hour sized hole in their weekday nights.

But after the last six weeks of fun, what’s there to learn from the experience? Strap yourself in for the Love Island Betting and Dating Review!

Use the Tweet Machine

Jack and Dani might have been the early and incredibly strong favourites but punters who weren’t constantly watching each episode – and this did take place in a World Cup summer don’t forget – had an easy way to quickly assess the impacts of moments through for the series: Twitter.

Love Island’s core audience is one that doesn’t watch TV as much – the 16-24-year-old age bracket – and they are heavy users of social media too who will often live tweet during the show. There were also liveblogs this year, with the Independent having a blogger dedicated to tracking each episode, and for those who were keen on being forensic had an easy archive schedule set up to look through.

It’s also important to note that the same young audience that were watching and tweeting would also be voting, and in hindsight it was easy to see which couples were unpopular and which people were on the right and wrong side of the audience.

The markets don’t move anything like as fast as they do in other sports or even other events, so there is a chance to shore up a good position.

Beware of Flashy New Arrivals

The Love Island producers love to put their hand all over the show and boy didn’t we know it – there were 18 new arrival in the space of just two weeks – but the wide margin winners were there from the start and half of the second place couple was from the original intake, despite being dumped three times.

Kaz Crossley and Josh Denzel made it to the final after being parachuted in, but even then they were from an earlier batch of new arrivals and could prove to be an exception to the rule and it’s worth remembering that Josh Denzel has worked as an interviewer and presenter before for LADbible and SPORTbible.

Love Wins Out, But Beware The Course

Few can argue that the three couples most suited to each other eventually made it through to the final – and that they won – but it’s a dating game show for a reason and there are plenty of interventions for couples to watch out for.

Who could forget Wes breaking up with Laura as Megan turned his head, or the betrayal of Georgia by eventual third place finisher Josh? It can pay to hold fire before taking a short price on a couple of top contestant, especially with more producer invention than ever through the show.

The Lie Detector

One of the staples of the show, the Lie Detector always causes chaos and if the competition is still lively then it goes without saying that it provides a wild trading opportunity very late in the game. It was the only point where National Darlings Jack and Dani looked remotely uncomfortable and eventually was the basis for the split between Dr Alex and Alexandra, for all the former was rathe duplicitous through the latter weeks of the show.

Remember The Name

Dani Dyer’s obvious name recognition played a big part in her getting early attention and as mentioned above, Josh Denzel also had some ‘cred’ before entering the villa. This can lead to more attention and a bigger fanbase from the off, a big advantage when it comes to voting for specials betting fans.