Lucky Punter Almost Misses Out on £1m Jackpot but Didn't Thanks to Cabbie

January 28th, 2016


Lucky Punter Almost Misses Out on £1m Jackpot but Didn't Thanks to Cabbie

ALWAYS CHECK YOUR LOTTERY TICKETS! One lucky Irishman took home a whopping £1 million jackpot despite forgetting to check the draw's results. Luckily, thanks to the Daily Record and his Glasgow cab driver, the fortunate punter was able to claim his massive prize.

Who Wants to be a MillionEIRE

The player, who chose to keep his identity private, revealed to the Daily Record he only realized he had won a January 2016 Irish Lotto draw when his cab driver mentioned a local Ladbrokes shop they had passed sold the ticket but never tracked down the winner. The cab driver had seen a headline in the Daily Record the day before their encounter that read "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONEIRE" with a short caption reading:

"If you were this bookie, take a lookie, lookie for winning the £1m Irish Lotto ticket."

The Daily Record article revealed the Ladbrokes on Westmuir Street in Parkhead, Glasgow had record of selling the winning Irish Lotto ticket but never successfully tracked down the punter. The bookie put out an all-call in the local paper to try to reach the lucky punter and it worked (kind of).

Journey to the Jackpot

One of the interesting parts of this story is that the massive, half-page cover ad taken out by Ladbrokes in hopes of reaching their newly crowned winner didn't actually reach the punter. The advertisement certainly played a major part in securing the winner but it took quite a few different steps to make sure Ladbrokes got their man.

First, The ad needed to be published. Then, a local cab driver had to check the Daily Record that specific day (11 January was the publication date of the original ad). Once the cabbie saw the ad, he had to actually pick up the winner, an unlikely occurrence. But that wasn't it...the two only began the discussion about the missing winner because they actually passed the local Ladbrokes shop on their route! Had they not, the conversation might have never occurred and the winner never found, something Labrokes' PR representative, Alex Donohue, realized:

“If the cabbie had struck up a conversation about football or the weather, our millionaire might still be out there.

So in order for this winning ticket to be rightfully claimed, it took the bookie taking out an ad in the newspaper, a cab driver seeing this ad then picking up that exact winner the next day, then the two of them passing the afore mentioned bookie and sparking a discussion about the recent ad the drive saw. The winner even agreed he was fortunate Ladbrokes went to the extent they did to find him:

"I have to thank Ladbrokes for sending the SOS, otherwise I’d never have collected this life-changing sum of money."

So to say this Irishman was lucky to secure these winnings is an understatement.

Always Check Your Tickets

It can't be said enough, ALWAYS CHECK YOUR LOTTERY TICKETS! Players don't seem to struggle with buying a lottery ticket (whether online or from a local retailer), seem to totally grasp the payout system once explained but many lottery players have long struggled with remembering to check the results of the draws they buy tickets for.

Checking lottery draw results once a lottery is drawn can be somewhat tricky but certainly shouldn't hinder players like this guy from claiming their prize. The advent of online lottery play has created a wealth of features to help with this exact problem. Had the punter purchased his ticket through an online concierge service or downloaded a 'buy and scan' app, the winner would have received multiple notifications expressing he had won and this whole situation could have been avoided.

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