New Zealand Man Wins $111k after Making $5 Bet to 'Keep Brain Active'

New Zealand Man Wins $111k after Making $5 Bet to 'Keep Brain Active'

An 80-year old has scooped one of New Zealand’s biggest ever betting hauls after wagering just $5. The lucky punter placed an accumulator bet on eight greyhound races taking place at Addington Raceway in Christchurch. In doing so, he managed to transform his small outlay into an amazing $111,565, having received staggering odds of 22,112 to 1 when he placed the bet at his local pub.

The anonymous punter from the small North Island town of Masterton is believed to work within the greyhound industry, and even owns a few of the racing dogs himself. Despite wishing to keep his identity secret, he did reveal that he bets to “keep his brain active”, expanding on this by saying, “I pick my own bets and study the form to keep me sharp.”

Pacey pooches Sozin’s Comet, Spud Gun, Adroit, Laredo, Little Regus, Dream Collector and Cawbourne Queen had all won their respective races before the aptly named Fast Archer sealed the prize fund. While most of the dogs fell within a standard price range, the two that bolstered the final odds were lucky underdogs Laredo and Adroit.

Even the bookmaker put a cheerful spin on the fairytale win. Speaking about the final moments of Fast Archer’s race, Thad Taylor of the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) admitted: "at the time we were yelling for the last leg to get beat, but the bottom line is it won by a mile”. And there were no hard feelings when the punter came to collect his impressive haul. "It is a great story so we feel happy for the guy, what he did is pretty amazing”. Taylor added: “You never begrudge anybody a win, especially not something like this."

And it seems that the fortunate punter’s luck really has changed, having only been released from hospital recently. But rather than spend the winnings on himself, he revealed that he planned to buy his children “some nice Christmas presents”.

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