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Boxing has long been a sport that has been linked with betting, and in recent years, it has had a revival after looking as though it was falling behind the new MMA promotions. The monumental rise of MMA was accompanied by the rise in MMA betting, presumably direct competition to boxing betting. Fortunately, although the two similar sports fight for fans' attention, the betting industry has plenty of room for both as boxing betting has seen a tick up in action as MMA brings new fan and potential punters to the world of professional fighting.

With a increase in punters comes increased media attention, more complex markets and plenty of opportunity to win big. The key is to approach the boxing betting markets with a right approach and strategy.

Boxing Strategy Articles


Boxing betting requires plenty of research, but it can prove highly lucrative to the smart punter. In the modern age of technology, it is possible to find videos of virtually every boxer on the internet, allowing you to study their style and their technique to try and analyse where the value lies in the market.

Head-to-Head Comparisons

At the most basic level, we begin by looking at the records of the two fighters involved in terms of wins and defeats. Often, the top fighters will have very few defeats on their record – looking at some of the current top boxers, Floyd Mayweather holds an undefeated record, as well as Andre Ward, while Juan Manuel Marquez touts a few loses to go along with his numerous wins.

Naturally, if we find a boxer that holds a 15-0 record going up against a boxer with a 20-5 record, early indications would suggest that he will be worth looking at closer. However, we cannot simply just take the record as given. It is worth looking more closely at the boxers that they have lost against.

For example, in his last 10 fights as of writing, Juan Manuel Marquez had a 7-3 record. Not overly impressive on the face of it, but when you consider that those three defeats came against Manny Pacquiao (twice) and Floyd Mayweather, his record looks more impressive.

In one fight, he boxed against the American, Juan Diaz, who came into the fight with a 34-1 record. At face value, Diaz’s record suggests he should have been a strong contender, but in fact, he had boxed very few top-class fighters before. Checking records closely is crucial for your boxing betting.

Strength and Weakness Analysis

The strengths and weaknesses of the two boxers must also be taken into consideration. Every boxer has them to varying extents, and it is important to assess how each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses match up. Some boxers rely on power, while others rely on speed. Some may excel in offense, while others base their fight on a strong defence.

As an example, when Ricky Hatton fought Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas, it was a classic example of a clash of styles. Hatton’s rough-and-ready style, where he was always looking to get inside and turn the fight into a brawl, was in stark contrast to Floyd Mayweather, who relies on his incredible movement and hand speed to get his shots in.

As it happened, Ricky Hatton was barely able to win a round as he simply could not hit Mayweather, who wore him down and knocked him out in the tenth round. Naturally, speed will not always overcome power. It depends on the two fighters, which is where watching previous fights can be useful.

You can see how they deal with different types of fighter and where their weaknesses lie. Once you can see how the two fighters match up, it gives you an additional advantage for your boxing betting.

Boxing Strategy Articles

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